Marital infidelity and professional misconduct linked, study shows

Note this study is confined to people in the USA, the vast majority of them men (see the paper).   I have my own theory about this linkage, not one that you’re likely to see in a medical journal.   See below.

People who cheat on their spouses are significantly more likely to engage in misconduct in the workplace, according to a study from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers looked at the records of police officers, financial advisers, white-collar criminals and senior executives who used the Ashley Madison marital infidelity website. Operating under the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” Ashley Madison advertises itself as a dating service for married people to have “discreet encounters.” Despite promises of discreetness, the data were put in the public domain through a hack in 2015 that included 36 million user accounts, including 1 million paid users in the United States.

The study, “Personal Infidelity and Professional Conduct in 4 Settings,” by McCombs finance faculty members John M. Griffin and Samuel Kruger, along with Gonzalo Maturana of Emory University, found that Ashley Madison users in the professional settings they studied were more than twice as likely to engage in corporate misconduct.

“This is the first study that’s been able to look at whether there is a correlation between personal infidelity and professional conduct,” Kruger said. “We find a strong correlation, which tells us that infidelity is informative about expected professional conduct.”…

Even after matching misconduct professionals to misconduct-free individuals with similar ages, genders and experiences and controlling for a wide range of executive and cultural variables, the researchers found that people with histories of misconduct were significantly more likely to use the Ashley Madison website….

Infidelity would be linked to low levels of oxytocin release during sex with their spouse, and oxytocin release is related to orgasmic intensity, which is related to genital sensory input:

Imprinting the primal maternal betrayal of genital mutilation on male infants would be an excellent way to teach that integrity and honesty are of dubious value in this world, inside or outside the workplace.    If you can’t even trust your own mother, it follows that betrayal is a core principle of human relations.     Coupled with reduced oxytocin release during sex, MGM constitutes an efficient means to induce marital infidelity  in men.

MGM has no net effect on HIV transmission when M->F rates are considered (due to friction), it doesn’t prevent iatrogenic phimosis or paraphimosis (which are virtually the only kinds) it’s way overkill for UTI’s (iatrogenic or otherwise, especially with antibiotics available), it’s associated with chlamydia infection which facilitates other STI’s, and it degrades both the maternal-infant bond and the marital bond, not to mention its effects on violence, depression and drug addiction in the adult survivor.    Oh, and it’s imprinted sadomasochistic torture of helpless infants, with either ineffective anesthesia or no anesthesia at all.

Isn’t it time for this mad scientist industrial compulsion machinery to be shut down?

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