Johnstone: How The Question “Who Benefits From This?” Can Change Your Life

Cui bono?” is a phrase you’ll often see used on conspiracy-minded Youtube videos and discussion forums. It’s Latin for “Who benefits?”, and it refers to a perspective in legal analysis that the one who stands most to gain from a crime is often the perpetrator. It’s the “motive” part of “means, motive and opportunity“.

The term comes up in conspiracy circles a lot because motive is often the biggest plot hole in the official story promoted by the authorized narrative managers of the political/media class about a given event. The alleged Douma chemical attack last year, for example, had no discernible benefit to the Assad government whatsoever, but would have benefitted the cornered Al-Qaeda affiliates in the city by provoking air strikes from the west, so there remains a lot of skepticism from those who don’t automatically believe their government and the plutocratic media when they say that Damascus was responsible. Such skepticism is dismissively branded “conspiracy theory” by the establishment narrative managers, but it is fully justified.

So it’s a useful concept for analyzing world events in a way that punches through the fog of imperial propaganda. But the question “Who benefits from this?” can, and should, be taken much further.

Don’t just ask “Cui bono?” of potential false flag events. Ask it about every belief in your head. Rigorously holding that candle up to the ideas in your own mind will reveal a lot of junk floating around in there that benefit other people, both the powerful and the not-so-powerful.

To pick one of many possible examples, it’s very interesting how many of America’s ostensibly anti-establishment movements encourage their adherents to support one of America’s two mainstream establishment political parties. The so-called “Resistance” and the progressive movement both herd people who might otherwise support actual leftist movements into the oligarchic folds of the Democratic Party, as does even the lesser-evil voting promoted by those closer to the fringe like Noam Chomsky. On the right you’ve got the warmongering corporate whore party of the Republicans being enthusiastically backed by the MAGA crowd, who you’ll routinely see backing garden variety GOP agendas like the Supreme Court nomination of a longtime Bush lackey in the name of fighting the establishment. Closer to the fringe you’ve got the insufferable QAnon cult, who consistently argue that every Trump move from Assange’s arrest to bombing Syria is a brilliant 5-D chess maneuver against the Deep State.

If those in any of these various factions began sincerely asking the question “Who benefits from my believing this?” about the various reasons they hold for espousing their respective political positions, the answer would come back clear as day that of course the ones who benefit are the plutocratic class which owns both mainstream political parties and the opaque government agencies with which that class is aligned. In the flurry of reasons being proffered in favor of supporting a given faction, it’s easy to overlook the fact that some very powerful people are likely to benefit from that support.

All the information going around about what’s going on in the world is like this. News media must be consumed with an acute awareness that there are extremely powerful people who have a vested interest in manipulating the way you think and perceive. It’s just a fact, and if it isn’t at the forefront of your consciousness, your worldview will necessarily be severely malformed. Cultivating a reflexive curiosity about who benefits from a given narrative being promoted nips this in the bud.

But this isn’t just limited to news media. We get tons of stupid ideas in our heads from things like advertising, which obviously benefit no one but the advertisers and their employers. Women in particular are plagued with body image problems from being pummeled from a very early age with corporate psyops designed for precisely that purpose, and as a result we feed billions of dollars into various interests who profit from our belief that we shouldn’t have small tits or wrinkles or body fat.

Religion is another one. There are of course many immensely wealthy and powerful structures today which benefit from adherents to religion, but most of those who’ve benefited from widespread religious indoctrination aren’t even alive anymore. Governments and world religions have historically been inextricably intertwined with and supportive of each other, because religions can be used to manipulate the masses into believing that it’s virtuous to be poor, humble, meek, submissive and obedient, to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, and to believe it would be generally sinful to use the power of their numbers to kill their rulers and seize their wealth. The answer to “Who benefits from my religious beliefs?”, if you’re Christian, is something along the lines of “All existing Christian churches, all existing political structures built around exploiting Christian beliefs for political leverage, every preacher, pope and bishop who’s ever lived, and every western ruler since Emperor Constantine.”…

Historical narratives are also fertile ground for enforcing dominant paradigms.   Here’s a little history I learned recently that’s blown a hole in my understanding of the origins and purpose of the great depression.   I knew the fed had withdrawn around 30% of the money in circulation after the market crash of 1929 despite the widespread recommendations of economists (including their own) and the commonsensical idea that in a debt-based money system, removing liquidity from an economy which is already contracting as a result of widespread fear in the investment world would only exacerbate the situation.

What I didn’t know is that we the people never had a knight in shining armor rescue us from the banksters, and it wasn’t WWII which ended the great ripoff, it was change in government policy.    FDR was a total fraud, a PR construct of our “free press”.   His policies were at least as destructive as the fed’s, and even more transparently malevolent.   He was an agent of the oligarchs, probably the rockefellers.   His theft of the people’s gold and imposition of economic strangulation at a time when the country should have been flourishing was absolutely damnable, a total betrayal of the country which only served the disaster capitalists on wall street.   He also had more than a little to do with the start of WWII in europe, almost certainly intentionally.

It’s all laid out and extensively footnoted in Wayne Jett’s book “The Fruits of Graft”.

It seems that the attempted coup against FDR was only a battle between oligarchic factions (i.e. between american oligarchs and european oligarchs, the latter represented by the likes of prescott bush).

So who benefits from the widespread belief that FDR rescued us from the “great depression” ?    This only serves one agenda: social control via widespread complacency based on the belief that a savior is waiting in the wings to rescue us from the satanic elite.  We are on our own.

The only way to control them is to take away their money, especially the profits they received by imposing the great ripoff and everything they leveraged out of those profits since.

And there’s a way to verify that such restitution has indeed taken place which bypasses all the BS coming from their various PR mouthpieces:   There should be a humongous national surplus ($100’s of trillions at least) from which american citizens should start receiving dividends in gold.   If that doesn’t happen, we’ll know the satanists are still in charge.

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