Forbes’ Hit Piece Against Alex Jones: Every Point Easily Refuted

I guess that makes my sources all “conspiracy theorists”.   After all, everyone knows our “free press” such as forbes is not influenced by their need for corporate advertisers, government access and the networked business interests of their stockholders (one dollar, one vote).   And obviously our authority figures are not malthusian eugenicist scam artists, I mean, those ideologies and business models are so yesterday.   Just because sociopathy is a predictable outgrowth of centuries of intergenerational consolidation of wealth and power, mutually delusional class-selective echo chambers and perpetually re-enacted medicalized child abuse doesn’t mean that they’re actually sociopaths.

The organically emergent system generates its own parasites.   Nothing surprising there.

I’m tempted to go through the list item by item and point the readers to stuff I’ve posted on the topics.    I may do that eventually, but any enterprising researcher can find the relevant articles with a little effort.   Start with the “site index” liked above.   In the meantime, I’ve filled in a few links.

I succumbed to temptation, as you can see below.   These links are by no means exhaustive.    Nobody pays me to do this and I have a life, at least I used to!

In the below, “the government” is a straw man invoked by the author to attribute the consequences of systemic corruption to a central orchestrator.   One can only speculate about the social networking and  organized criminality among the ultra-wealthy, but the sociopathic mindset implied by the street-level consequences of their actions is hard to miss, and where historical or unclassified records are available, they confirm the existence of a planetary “club” of which you are most assuredly not a member.

Alex Jones’ Top 10 Health Claims And Why They Are Wrong

10. The government is employing weather weapons

9. The government is using chemicals to turn people and frogs gay.

8. The fluoride in drinking water is making people dumb.

7. The life-ruining Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine is being pushed on young women around the world.

6. Bill Gates’ philanthropic work is part of a mass eugenics effort.

Intention is hard to prove, but there are telling signs if you listen closely to this speech:

5. The government created the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) epidemic.

4. Government climate change data is fabricated.

Motivation behind climate fraud:

3. Vaccines cause autism and this has been covered up by the government, and the pharmaceutical industry.

See links at bottom of

2. The Sandy Hook shooting was staged to promote gun control.

Not 100% sure about sandy hook in particular, but “fast and furious” fits this description: .  Furthermore, the pattern of behavior outlined above makes such an agenda utterly believable, even inescapable.    It’s called tyranny.   Tyrants need monopolization of power.   History is full of examples.    History did not end with the collapse of the USSR.

1. Many health claims about the supplements and health products that Alex Jones is selling.

An obvious strategic shot at Jones’ financial life support.  As a very satisfied user of many of his supplements, I can say he’s onto something.   That being the obvious fact that the pharmaceutical industry is motivated to create chronic customers.     For me he’s opened a whole paradigm shift re the precious gift of herbal remedies and their effectiveness and non-toxicity.     Furthermore, herbal remedies have no lobbyists or revolving door bureaucrats at the CDC and FDA.  Precisely the attributes which prevent their adoption and promotion by mainstream metasin.

Here are the top reasons that the entire western establishment is unified in its hatred of Alex Jones:

  1.   He speaks powerful truths, notwithstanding his blind spots.
  2.   He has his own home-cooked business model and can’t be pressured by “philanthropic” corporate foundations and corporate advertisers, in contrast to virtually all other broadcast news organizations, whose “news” is a distillation of every conflict of interest to be found in their parent companies and revenue streams.
  3.   He speaks and listens to a powerful demographic, that being the military and police, the enforcers who will be needed to impose the kind of murderous, poverty-ridden tyranny at home which “our” foreign policies have already imposed in numerous places elsewhere.
  4. He denied saint hillary’s ascendancy to her rightful throne and threw a wildcard into the whole explosive poker game of monetary fraud, death-squad-democracy and orwellian mind control.   Satan is pissed.

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