Flu vaccine fails yet again as new wild strain appears halfway through flu season

(Natural News) A freakish influenza strain that reportedly “popped up halfway through the past flu season” once again rendered the government-sanctioned flu vaccine “virtually worthless,” new reports indicate.

Writing for the Associated Press (AP), Mike Stobbe explains that the flu shot, which is recommended every year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent flu infection, turned out to be “a big disappointment” because it was a mismatch for the newly-appeared flu strain.

While the CDC had previously claimed that the flu shot was about 47 percent effective as of last February, this effectiveness rate dropped to a mere 29 percent following the emergence of the new flu strain, which easily bypassed the flu shot as if people didn’t even get it.

A second, and even more virulent flu strain reportedly emerged not long after that, which reduced the flu shot’s effectiveness even more to a mere nine percent, which Stobbe says rendered it “virtually worthless.”

Even the CDC’s own Brendan Flannery admitted that, because of the emergence of these two flu strains halfway through flu season, the CDC-recommended flu shots were deemed as providing “no significant protection” against the flu – meaning it was a total waste for people to receive them.

“This season’s shot turned out to be a mismatch against the bug that showed up late,” Stobbe also admits, adding that flu shots are developed every year based on “predictions” as to which flu strains will circulate during the upcoming season….


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