Deep dive: Killroom: Pizzagate Exposed

This 4 hour documentary is not light going, but for those with the time it’s both a thorough investigation and a historical record worth reviewing.    I’m only about half way through, but it seems to me it should have the FBI and DC police shaking in their boots at its exposure of their obvious malfeasance.     Any enterprising police department in the world could mount a credible investigation with this video as a starting point.

Here are a few screenshots.   The first is in the basement of pegasus museum, which is down the street from comet pingpong and is also owned by alefantis.    The museum is located over a network of tunnels called “dr. dyar’s catacombs” which were dug in the 1800’s (1:59)

Here’s a screenshot reviewing the historical record of the tunnel (2:01)

Here are screenshots of the login page and “protected area” of the comet pingpong website where hackers found child pornography material under separate download keys, which they probably discovered by looking at the HTML source code.   (given the sloppiness of these people, who apparently thought queen hillary’s ascendancy was a foregone conclusion).   The login and download keys were provided to the DC police by the videographer and he never heard back from them despite their assurances at the time.    But a “crazed gunman conspiracy theorist” walked into CPP shortly afterwards and fired a single bullet which just happened to destroy the hard drive of the server which was in a closet on the premises.  (1:38:45 and 1:40).   Judging from the (barely legible) file sizes listed on the download page, these were probably videos.

For those who have already perused some of the evidence, such as alefantis’s instagrams which includes a huge photo of a man raping a little child and the “artwork” at the CPP “family restaurant”, it’s all here and it’s all horrific.    Also see the infant which was apparently “branded” (i.e. 2nd degree burn) with a heart shape on its cheek, among the photos at the instagram site linked below.   Systematic traumatization is the foundation of satanic mind control.

Note, youtube has updated their algorithms to disable the usual firefox video download plugins, but the command-line program at works fine.    You should grab a copy of the video before it’s deleted again.

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