All the Cyber Attack Stories from the Past Few Days Can’t Be Linked…Can They?

A very important skill for anyone who hopes to be in the know is the ability to put together seemingly unrelated stories for consideration.

Over the past few days, stories about grid incursions, Russians, cyber attacks, and technological failures seemed to be at the top of the headlines. A massive cyber attack could happen far more easily than most people realize.

The good folks over in Prep Club have been posting a lot of interesting links this weekend. Let’s take a peek at each one. All these stories can’t be linked…can they?…

Given the degree of puppetteering of the fake news and how events are often manufactured out of nothing or smothered under such nothings, cause and effect are almost never obvious.   A good scientist looks for hidden links between seemingly disparate phenomena, which is precisely the exercise which the establishment has branded “conspiracy theorizing”.    It’s a given that the media lies constantly.  Keep your eye on the ball.

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