Corbett: Koch and Soros Team Up For World Peace! WTF?

In case you haven’t heard, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Charles Koch Foundation have teamed up to help launch a new Washington think tank. The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft will be “an action-oriented think tank that will lay the foundation for a new foreign policy centered on diplomatic engagement and military restraint.” So what gives? What’s the real agenda here? And what does this mean for those who hold a principled anti-war stance. Join James as he explores these issues on The Corbett Report today.

Show notes:

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Math teacher loses job after defending “Western Civilization”

People who say that there’s no such thing as “western civilization” are missing the point.   The reason that this is true is that westerners have been deceived on a massive scale as to the true nature of the governments that they contribute taxes to.    Modern psychology and its application to social control is the most destructive WMD in the human arsenal.

The war on Trump is an example of this propaganda matrix.   His biggest sin is that he represents a popular desire for this society to “return” to what it has always pretended to be.   In other words, he represents a return to blissful ignorance, which I must admit is preferable to the overt fascist dictatorship with a “liberal” mask which is arrayed against him, which seeks to trash all things american and overturn what remains of our tattered constitution in the name of “progress.”    Problem, reaction, solution.

The mass public delusion that the USA is a beacon of freedom and democracy is a powerful source of social inertia which must be broken before the full force of the banksters’ tyranny can be brought to bear without provoking massive resistance.   The war on historical symbols and personalities, and the exacerbation of social divisions based on human identities like race, gender and religion is not intended to usher in a utopian paradise, it’s to eliminate all social alternatives to centralized control.   In that sense the national mythology is a mirage worth preserving and even honoring as an ideal pending some kind of glasnost and perestroika process  to bring the public up to speed.    Humanity is hanging by a thread.    Trump is probably our last chance in that he’s forcing the mask to remain in place for now.   If he’s lured into a major war via some staged terror event or other crisis however, all bets are off.   On the other hand, if he manages to expose and prosecute the satanic corruption which has led to our current predicament, he could change the whole dynamic.

Remember, no matter how cynical you are, it’s not enough.   The system is not human.   It only simulates human attributes in order to shepherd the flock.  The question is how to transform its PR facade into a reality worth defending.

If you’re looking for an authentic, unsullied human institution to defend and uphold as a nucleus of social organization, there are few alternatives to natural human families and communities that arise spontaneously if people are allowed to fall in love, procreate and nurture children without interference by corrupt institutions like medicine and “education”.   Pretty much every other human institution was corrupted by the money changers long ago.  This is why the destruction of the family is job one of empire builders.

A math teacher says she has lost her job at a private school in Southern California for speaking out in defense of Western Civilization — even though she made her comments outside the classroom.

Dr. Karen Siegemund, president of the Los Angeles-based American Freedom Alliance, gave a speech in May at the group’s “Long March Through the Institutions” conference, which “explored the Left’s ongoing multi-decade takeover attempt of numerous public and private institutions to effect a radical transformation of America.”

During her speech, she said “each of us here believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is our heritage, whether we were born here or not.”

Shortly thereafter she said she was informed that her teaching contract at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a private K-12 school, would not be renewed.

“It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it,” Siegemund told Mike Huckabee in a recent interview about the experience, noting she has been a teacher for almost 20 years.

“Because of my outside activities, I was told my contract would not be renewed. I praised Western Civilization, and how it’s brought the greatest good to the most number of people, and we are all its beneficiaries, including those not even from here, and that was deemed hostile,” she said.

Huckabee said he thought there might be something more to the story: “Surely you did not just get fired just because you believe in Western Civilization?”

“No, I did,” she replied.

“I see myself as an educator,” Siegemund added, “and I want all my students to learn critical thinking, to explore, to be skeptical, to value those things that we value, to grow as an individual, that’s always been my stance, which I guess is also problematic. Because there are other teachers who denigrate the president in the classroom, who wear ‘resist’ T-shirts, who promote all kinds of various leftist policies in the classroom — that’s apparently fine — because their contracts have been renewed.”

“I even hesitated to wear anything with an American flag, not hesitated — I did not wear anything with an American flag on it — for fear of that being sort of too subversively patriotic … But I have promoted freedoms and independent thought.”

Apparently the conference might have been the final straw. But Siegemund has launched a GoFundMe page and says she plans to fight the “unfair termination.”…

Corbett: The Last Word on Utopia

The “open borders” distraction

I posted this as a comment elsewhere and I thought I’d add to the network clutter by dumping it here.    I don’t know how such an obvious fact could not be at the center of the discussion over open borders, but its absence demonstrates the level of duplicity in the media across the political spectrum.   The hidden concentration of power needed to shut down honest political discussion over this issue demonstrates how dire our situation is, and that americans may well be joining the armies of refugees massing at the southern border, when they stream back to the south in desperation.

The author misses the deeper issue. The question is what happened to all these latin american countries that made them uninhabitable to so many people? Decades of US foreign policy happened, together with IMF/WB austerity hoaxes. The same policies that are coming to the USA in a few years. Claiming that we have some jobs that “americans” don’t want is obviously false. The correct statement is that the jobs don’t pay enough to sustain an american household, because americans need foreign poverty to subsidize their cost of living because americans themselves don’t make high enough wages to buy products and services at their true sustainable cost. The solution is not to continue bleeding our standard of living by joining washington’s predation on nomadic refugees from US policies, it’s to stop subsidizing the system that created those refugees in the first place and use the resulting massive savings to create a sustainable economy and rebuild our rotten infrastructure at home. It’s not like there isn’t a ton of things to do here, or people to do them. Of course that’s not going to happen because of the profits to be made by destroying people’s lives, both foreign and domestically. But I just thought I’d point it out in case it isn’t obvious enough. The democrats and “open border” proponents are providing a convenient diversion from the deeper question of why washington is at war with all of us.

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