Uganda: Profiling US Meddling Across Africa

While China builds roads, rail, pipelines, airports, seaports, and factories across Africa, the United States finds itself resigned to selling weapons and stirring up conflicts between and within African states to disrupt the rise of the continent independent of Western hegemony.

Part of stirring up conflict involves political subversion. In Uganda, the US is propping up an opposition leader who even at the most basic, superficial level fails to conceal his allegiance to and dependence on Washington.

The Making of an Agitator: Bobi Wine’s “Political Rise” 

A media circus has developed in the West around Ugandan pop star turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – referred to by his stage name as “Bobi Wine” – portraying him as a rising opposition leader seeking the overthrow of incumbent Ugandan strongman, President Yoweri Museveni.

While depicted as a Ugandan “opposition leader” by the Western media, fewer cases of Western meddling in African politics have been more transparent….

Making US puppets reliant on continued US “security assistance” to maintain power ensures that such puppets remain controllable.   Thus the transparency (to the ugandan people) of this meddling is an important part of the strategy.   The last thing an empire wants is a foreign leader who has popular support and thus doesn’t need bullets and torture equipment to stay in office.

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