Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

Independent journalist Tim Pool was leaked an email showing Slate journo April Glaser appearing to threaten Chase Bank with negative press if they don’t deplatform the right-wing activist group The Proud Boys….

Pool’s analysis was on the money. The key line is Glaser saying: “The Proud Boys are designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group and members have engaged in group violence in Portland and New York City.”…


Does it ever occur to starry eyed “liberals” how easy it would be for social manipulators to create a self-described “authority” on “hate groups” and call it “mom and apple pie law center” or some other such gibberish?   As far as I can tell the SPLC is an intelligence operation which has been connected with the OKC false flag bombing via deployed agents at elohim city.   Who knows who controls them,  but the most direct source of information about any given  group such as those targeted by SPLC is obviously that group itself.   But lazy people tend to follow the leader, and they often resort to short-circuiting the political process by undermining cash flows to targeted groups.   Usually this is associated with a lack of integrity and a total ignorance of the issues in question.

I know nothing about the “proud boys” but if I had the time I’d start with their very accessible web site at http://proudboysusa.com/ .

After skimming the home page I have misgivings about their “camouflage” logo and apparent ignorance of the history of western foreign and financial policy in the “3rd world”, but that’s just my opinion and you’re welcome to yours.   You see, I actually believe in freedom and democracy because I trust the intelligence of informed, independent  human beings, unlike the control freaks who write “history” books and have seemingly taken over the “left.”

Engineering mass ignorance in order to orchestrate conflict between otherwise like-minded groups is a major tool of social control.   Of course this applies to both SPLC and TPB.   As always, try to follow the money, although that’s increasingly difficult: http://www.fortune.com/2018/07/17/irs-nonprofit-donor-disclosures/

Here’s a very brief and narrow but relevant introduction to western foreign policy:

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