Gulf oil eating microbes are destroying sunken wreck thanks to the Deepwater Horizon spill

(Natural News) Remember when British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and ConocoPhillips indiscriminately dumped tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico to supposedly remedy the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster? Well according to experts, this nasty chemical concoction is still floating around in that giant “bathtub,” and is actually now eating away at a submerged German U-boat that was sunk back in 1942 during World War II.

Photographic evidence reveals that the sunken Nazi vessel has basically become an all-you-can-eat buffet for the microscopic chemical byproducts of Corexit that are reportedly now feeding on the U-166, which was only recently discovered in 2001, “at an accelerated rate,” according to scientists.

Researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) say that, after Corexit’s anaerobic bacteria feed on the carbon and sulfur in crude oil, they generate a waste product that’s capable of corroding metal, which is exactly what’s happening to the sunken German U-166.

“The metal loss has accelerated after the spill and that’s very unusual,” stated USM Professor Leila Hamdan to New Scientist about the strange phenomenon.

Under normal circumstances, a sunken vessel like the German U-166 would experience its worst corrosion in the immediate aftermath of its submersion, followed by a gradual decline over time. But in this case, the presence of Corexit has cause the ship’s corrosion rate to dramatically accelerate, increasing more than five times in the four years following the disaster compared to six years prior….

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