Ex-top CIA official perturbed by John Durham’s review of intelligence analysts

A former top CIA official warned of dire consequences from the Justice Department’s review of the origins of the Russia investigation.

As part of the “investigation into the investigators,” U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team reportedly wants to talk to at least one senior CIA counterintelligence official and a senior CIA analyst who examined Russia’s role in meddling in the 2016 election.

The review is not a criminal inquiry, but should Durham find criminal activity he can take prosecutorial action. Top CIA officials are said to be anxious over the federal prosecutor’s efforts.

Michael Morell, who was deputy director of the CIA during the Obama administration, said Durham’s interest in speaking to a CIA analyst concerns him.

“I see no problem with a DOJ review of whether the CIA and other intelligence community agencies lived up to their legal and regulatory responsibilities related to how they handled any information related to U.S. persons — U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals,” Morell told CBS News, where he is now a senior national security contributor.

“Having said that, I see a DOJ review of whether or not the intelligence analysts made the right call as wholly inappropriate. I cannot ever remember a DOJ review of analysis,” Morrell added….


I can’t either, which is a pretty remarkable record given the history of catastrophic and fraudulent intelligence such as iraq WMD’s and the “al qaeda” 9/11 legend.   I think it’s time to do some serious housecleaning.


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