Combined Russia, China Treasury Holdings Hit 9 Year Low As Foreigners Keep Dumping US Stocks

For the fifth month in a row, US total cross-border investment was an outflow (-$7.8bn) –  the longest streak of outflows since 1982…

Additionally, Foreign official institutions (central banks and reserve funds) sold Treasuries for 8th consecutive month, dumping $197BN in that time (they have also sold for 12 of the past 13 months)….

But, the real action was away from bonds, with foreigners selling US Stocks for a record 12th consecutive month

Since May 2018, foreigners have sold a record $214.2BN in US stocks…

In conclusion, April net asset flows:

  • Total Long-Term Treasurys purchases: $16.9BN (Foreign official sales: $27.5bn, Foreign Private purchases: $44.4B)
  • Total Long-Term Agency purchases: $25.2BN
  • Total Corporate bond sales: ($4.8BN)
  • Total stock sales: ($964MM)

Finally, we thought this worth noting. Combined Russia and China Treasury holdings are at their lowest since June 2010 as China and Russia’s gold holdings have soared…


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