Colorado governor signs executive order aimed at boosting statewide immunization rates

… The order directs the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to take immediate action on a host of measures related to vaccination education and action.

It directs the CDPHE to study the root causes of low immunization rates in various parts of the state, find new strategies to improve the rates and to educate people on vaccines. It also aims to streamline the form process to make it easier on parents and to better educate parents who are hesitant to vaccinate their children.

Part of that, Polis and the other proponents said, will be studying why parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children in the first place and to develop specific plans for specific areas of the state, as there are different barriers to immunizations for people in different parts of Colorado, they said….

If they want to study why parents are REFUSING (not “hesitant”) to subject their kids to this provably corrupt and dangerous medical fraud (one of many medical frauds) they need only research the science themselves.

The level of doublethink on this issue borders on psychotic.

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