US Recklessly Escalates Venezuela Crisis by Smearing Russia

The lawlessness of the US government, or more accurately “regime”, knows no bounds, as can be seen more than ever from the failed coup attempt in Venezuela this week.

The initial so-called “uprising” by a tiny group of Venezuelan military – reportedly armed with US assault rifles instead of standard firearms – was blatantly incited by senior White House officials on prime time media. The misconduct openly engaged in by the US is in total violation of international law and UN Charter principles upholding the sovereignty of nations.

As it turns out, the coup bid was an utter failure, descending into farce. Not for the first time over the past three months alone, has Washington brazenly tried to instigate mayhem in Venezuela – and failed.

Yet in the aftermath of Washington’s flagrant attempt at destabilizing the South American country, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has the gall to accuse Russia of “outrageous” interference in Venezuela. The Trump administration is recklessly escalating the conflict by internationalizing what is an internal political matter. Washington has spent years fomenting dissent in Venezuela to overthrow the legitimately elected socialist government in Caracas. Now, the US is trying to turn Venezuela into a site for geopolitical conflict, with preposterous accusations against Russia and Cuba for daring to be allied with President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist administration over the oil-rich country….

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