TSM: Matrix within a Matrix

The original title is Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality but I’m not sure what they mean by “reality” here.  After all “deep fakes” are just fakes of fakes.   A “real” human face on a 2D computer screen is just as fake as a deep fake of a  face projected on the same screen.   There’s nothing there but electronics.  This entire society is based on simulation and hearsay.    Did 9/11 ever happen at all?   I wasn’t in NYC, were you?   If a thousand talking heads appeared on your TV to say the same thing, it’s still not as credible as what we experience with our own biological senses when we go outside and sit in the grass.   An obvious point I know, but it’s worth keeping in mind the assumptions we make about the reliability of how we “experience” the world.   There’s a vast political, economic and technical infrastructure which brings “reality” into our minds.   We’re already in the matrix.

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