The World Is Getting Increasingly Dumb, Study Finds

Western Europe is home to a cluster of developed economies that boost some of the highest standards of living in the world. But that could soon change. Because as Evan Horowitz writes on NBC News’s new “Think” vertical, IQ scores in France, Scandinavia, Britain, Germany and even Australia are beginning to decline.

The trend has been well-documented across Western Europe, and could soon carry over to the US as well. Which means the data have confirmed what millions of Americans who have watched cable news or logged on to twitter over the past three years probably already suspected: The world is getting dumber.

And just like that, another sign of the ‘Idiocracy’ apocalypse has emerged. Though, unlike the movie, which posits that the population of Earth will become steadily dumber as stupid people outbreed their more intelligent compatriots, the cause of the trend in Europe has yet to be determined, because even the children of relatively intelligent Europeans are getting dumber.

Details vary from study to study and from place to place given the available data. IQ shortfalls in Norway and Denmark appear in longstanding tests of military conscripts, whereas information about France is based on a smaller sample and a different test. But the broad pattern has become clearer: Beginning around the turn of the 21st century, many of the most economically advanced nations began experiencing some kind of decline in IQ.

One potential explanation was quasi-eugenic. As in the movie “Idiocracy,” it was suggested that average intelligence is being pulled down because lower-IQ families are having more children (“dysgenic fertility” is the technical term). Alternatively, widening immigration might be bringing less-intelligent newcomers to societies with otherwise higher IQs.

However, a 2018 study of Norway has punctured these theories by showing that IQs are dropping not just across societies but within families. In other words, the issue is not that educated Norwegians are increasingly outnumbered by lower-IQ immigrants or the children of less-educated citizens. Even children born to high-IQ parents are slipping down the IQ ladder….


Are mothers being absorbed into the economy so they can no longer provide needed nurturing to their kids?

Do they have their own versions of quack “education” fads like common core?

Are they adopting US obstetrical practices like routine ultrasound, delivery on demand and immediate cord clamping?

It seems even norway is infected with the american vaccination compulsion, including flu vaccine for pregnant women.

Europe is being saturated with digitally modulated microwaves, the same as the USA.

It seems europe has mostly rejected water fluoridation however there are many ways neurotoxins can find their way into the typical western diet (toothpaste, soap, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, chemical gagriculture, GMO food and toxic processing) and given the ridiculous level of concentration of ownership in the “consumer goods” industry, any confidence in the quality or purity of the typical western diet is strictly illusory.   Profitable business models involving the induction of chronic disease via toxic food and vaccines, and subsequent treatment  via “theraputic” drugs arise spontaneously within a single corporation through such coalescence.

Of course none of these problems will even be investigated, much less acted upon because western “civilization” is rotting from the head down.   The human tendency to “follow the leader” is no longer conducive to survival.   Increasing concentrations of wealth and power spontaneously give rise to conflicts of interest and corruption.

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