The Pentagon Plan to Kill Millions

Our rulers are masters of deception. They’re psychopaths that use all tools at their disposal to remain the world’s uncontested hegemon. One such tool is sanctions imposed on countries not playing by the neoliberal rules. On this episode of the Geopolitical Report, we take a look at weaponized sanctions designed to destroy entire nations by waging economic war on targeted populations. We examine the deadly Iraq sanctions and those now used against Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea. The corporate media is in the business of telling lies about these criminal operations. That leaves it up to the alternative media to expose the real truth. The state and its rulers are well aware of this, and that’s why they are going into overdrive to destroy Newsbud and other truth tellers. Every day social media is excluding important voices from their platforms. This is an ongoing process. That’s why it’s really important all of us support alternative media. If it disappears, only state and corporate generated propaganda will be allowed. You’re watching this video on a platform that may soon not be available to us. Please help us get the message out by supporting Newsbud and its excellent video content, its deep analysis covered by so few others, and in depth well written articles and commentary. Now more than ever it’s important to follow and support media that doesn’t follow the corporate narrative.

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