Medical psychopaths research money costs of pre-term induced miscarriage

Induction already happens in 25% of births in this country, mostly for convenience or medical causes   This development is only the next logical step.

Expectant parents wait 40 weeks for the arrival of their new baby, but what if labor was induced one week earlier? Conventional wisdom holds that inducing labor at 39 weeks would be cost-prohibitive to a health care system. However, the results of a joint study between University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare show inducing labor one week early costs the same as waiting for spontaneous labor….

You can see where this is going. Delivery on demand is so much more convenient for everyone involved, except the baby.  But by 39 weeks the baby can just as accurately extrapolate its last week of development in an isolette or a NICU as it could in a uterus.  Gotta kick some motivation into those slackers.  Besides, the imprinted PTSD , circumcision impaired breastfeeding, immediate cord clamping and obsessive/compulsive vaccination schedules will supply a lifetime of revenue for the system.

The results of this study were presented at ACOG’s industry sponsored junket in nashville’s plush convention center on saturday, while the bloodstained men and ACOG’s own breastfeeding doctor/mothers were in exile outside.

And look at the “related stories” section for a more complete picture of the merger of human and corporate psychopathy applied to the most vulnerable people imaginable.   Apparently their studious cluelessness about the importance of vitamin D is being used as a rationalization for this particular barbarity.

This pretty  much meets the formal definition of satanism.

… 6) “Pit to Distress” is the apparently common obstetrical practice of deliberately overdosing a birthing mother with the induction drug pitocin in order to create a medical emergency “necessitating” a cesarean.

Even in “normal” doses, pitocin very likely subverts the emotional bonding and lactation functions of the real thing, oxytocin:

Check out this horror show. A mailing list for ob-gyn’s detailing how they use cytotec (a drug approved for gastric ulcers, which was discovered to cause miscarriages) to force delivery on demand. Massive hemorrhages and uterine ruptures have resulted. These people have lost their minds.

Again, zero consideration is paid to the baby’s subjective experience of essentially suffering a miscarriage. Normal labor is initiated by the fetus, not the mother. Most likely even a “routine” induction would be imprinted by the baby as total maternal rejection. …

Do you see the setup for an intergenerational infinite loop of psychopathy here?   Then you’re not being scientific.

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