John Cleese: “I Prefer Cultures That Do Not Tolerate Female Genital Mutilation”

Importing foreign born refugees from western atrocities as a social wedge for the purpose of domestic social control is not creating diversity, it’s creating polarization.   If you don’t want to fall prey to the stupidity of racism, look to the puppetmasters who consciously utilize it behind a mask of humanitarian concern.

John Cleese hit back at critics who savaged him for a tweet in which he said that London is no longer an English city by tweeting, “I prefer cultures that do not tolerate female genital mutilation.”

As we reported yesterday, the actor came under fire from the left after tweeting “London was not really an English city any more,” explaining that his friends who visited from abroad confirmed his observation.

This prompted a deluge of condemnation, primarily from celebrities who live in the whitest areas of London and the UK. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also reacted to the comment, insisting “diversity is our greatest strength”.

However, Cleese was not cowed and doubled down with another tweet in which he asserted that some cultures were better than others.

“I think it’s legitimate to prefer one culture to another,” said the Monty Python icon. “For example, I prefer cultures that do not tolerate female genital mutilation. Will this will be considered racist by all those who hover, eagerly hoping that someone will offend them – on someone else’s behalf, naturally.”

Despite female genital mutilation being made illegal in the UK three decades ago, the first actual prosecution related to FGM only occurred earlier this year.

There are an estimated 137,000 victims of FGM living in England and Wales.

And yes, Cleese is completely correct – some cultures are better than others.

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