FBI Stages Another Fake Terrorist Plot

Days after John Earnest’s alleged attack on a San Diego synagogue, the FBI announced it prevented a terror attack aimed at “white nationalists.”

According to Reuters:

Mark Steven Domingo, 26, a U.S. Army infantryman who recently converted to Islam, was taken into custody on Friday after undercover FBI operatives furnished him with what he thought were live bombs to be used in the attack, law enforcement officials said.

In other words, the FBI nurtured another would-be terrorist, set him up, and announced the arrest within a couple days of the synagogue attack.

Authorities said Domingo, who had no prior criminal record, came to their attention because of a series of violent extremist messages he posted in online chat rooms, one of which called for “retribution” for the massacre of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, by a gunman in March.

The FBI routinely trawls the internet searching for naive idiots declaiming hatefully on forums. It then contacts a selected target to ascertain the level of stupidity and malleability. The FBI then sends in operatives pretending to be fellow jihadists. The operatives manipulate the target into accepting inert duds as theatrical props.

It’s fair to say Mr. Domingo was wholly incapable of carrying out a terrorist attack. He was capable, however, of spouting off in chatrooms, and later falling for FBI entrapment, and this made him an ideal patsy for the ongoing terror nonsense sent out 24/7 by the state and its corporate propaganda media….


Sometimes the FBI isn’t satisfied with duds.   Like in the 1993 WTC bombing event:

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