DNC Gangsters Muscle Tulsi to the Margins

This meme is making the rounds. You can see who NOT to support by the prominence of the candidates’ faces. Of course the smallest one of all, off in the background, is Tulsi Gabbard.

I fear we’re going to have a replay of 2016, but we’ll be lucky if we get Trump again, given who the DNC is promoting.

Why do I say that?   The 4 candidates in the foreground are all into the AGW religion, random immigration and “gun control”, which are codewords for bankster globalization and the new world order.   Job one of the new world order project is the abolishment of national sovereignty.  But national governments are institutionally incapable of surrendering sovereignty to anyone.   It’s a systems dynamic thing, the power of the establishment is based in invisible, multigenerational networks.  The only way to accomplish the project is to impose catastrophe, to make people desperate for any “helping hand”.   This is the purpose of the shock doctrine.   In other words, a vote for the NWO is a vote for destitution, mass starvation, war and global fascism.   With a liberal face of course.

At least Trump represents a facet of a national interest, as toxic as it may be.

Unfortunately no one, not even Tulsi, is talking about the federal reserve disaster capitalists and fractional (fictional) reserve banking.

Check out the divot in Bernie’s cheek in this video. The DNC is controlled by gangsters.   Would they beat up Tulsi too?   No, she’d probably have a car accident.

DNC Admits and Asserts Right to Rig Primary for Clinton and Wins in Court

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