2011: Guns and Butter: Reconnecting the Anthrax Attacks to September 11th

This interview was one of the many casualties of the purge of the archived guns and butter shows by KPFA’s “listener sponsored” criminal management, who hopefully have been relocated back to their home base at langley by now.

“Connecting the Anthrax Attacks to September 11th” with Dr. Graeme MacQueen. Forewarning of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2000 and 2001; three different approaches to understanding the anthrax attacks of 2001: structural, historical and symbolic; the lone nut theory of perpetrators; connections between the anthrax attacks and the so-called 9/11 hijackers in Florida; Operation Dark Winter; the attempt to disconnect anthrax from 9/11; Mohamed Atta asks for a loan.

Aired: July 20, 2011

Visit Guns and Butter at: www.gunsandbutter.org

They get into the anthrax attacks around 11:00


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