White House Has “Monsanto’s Back on Pesticides,” Newly Revealed Document Says

Internal Monsanto records just filed in court show that a corporate intelligence group hired to “to take the temperature on current regulatory attitudes for glyphosate” reported that the White House could be counted on to defend the company’s Roundup herbicides.

In a report attached to a July 2018 email to Monsanto global strategy official Todd Rands, the strategic intelligence and advisory firm Hakluyt  reported to Monsanto the following:

“A domestic policy adviser at the White House said, for instance: ‘We have Monsanto’s back on pesticides regulation. We are prepared to go toe-to-toe on any disputes they may have with, for example, the EU. Monsanto need not fear any additional regulation from this administration.”

In the email accompanying the report, Hakluyt’s Nick Banner told Rands the information related to issues both for the United States and for China. The report notes that “professional” staff has “sharp” disagreement with “political” staff on some areas, but that the concerns of some of the professional staffers would not get in the way.

“We heard a unanimous view from senior levels of the EPA (and USDA) that glyphosate is not seen as carcinogenic, and that this is highly unlikely to change under this administration – whatever the level of disconnect between political and professional staffers.”


Standing Up for Birth

On one occasion, I accompanied the doctors and medical students, a group of about 15 medics, on their rounds, in a maternity hospital. We came to the bedside of a woman lying on her back on a hospital bed, attached with leads to a cardiotocograph (CTG) machine, which was measuring the unborn baby’s heartbeat.

Let me name the woman as Lettie. Lettie was strapped to a CTG, unable to move without help and had been put on the list for a caesarian section. This was her second baby after a first normal birth. There was some concern about an irregular fetal heartbeat although the changes were concomitant with what appeared to be ‘bearing down’ contractions on the graph.

To me Lettie looked a bit like a champagne bottle that needed the cork removing. I spoke up to say that I was sure she would give birth soon and asked for permission to assist her. The lead doctor agreed, giving me ’10 minutes” to achieve a miracle. I asked Lettie a few questions and touched her hand. With her consent I examined her. Lettie indicated she needed to go to the bathroom and empty her bowel. I remembered when I myself was in hospital with fractured vertebra. I remember having to empty my bowel lying flat into a bedpan. Apart from embarrassing, it was really difficult.

The toilets were a short walk down the corridor. I helped Lettie off the bed and with IV lines in my hand we shuffled to the toilet. Once there, with me holding IV bag and lines, Lettie’s face relaxed. I remained at Lettie’s side. She closed her eyes and stood above the bowl bending her knees a little. It dawned on me that the birth was imminent. Lettie did not make a sound. Lettie’s body expanded and released her baby the minute she felt comfortable. The baby slid into my hands. He breathed and cried instantly. I placed the baby on his mother’s chest, skin to skin, and covered him with Lettie’s gown. I called for help and within a minute or two, fellow midwives arrived with a wheelchair, sheets and blankets. Lettie and her baby were wheeled back to their bed, task accomplished.  Lettie smiled and said Thank you. That is all.

Apart from needing a person who is “on their side” during labour and birth, I have observed that women need dim light, privacy, silence and the freedom to be upright in order to give birth with ease. The bathroom is the only small, quiet and private room in a hospital. It was the only choice for Lettie, a sensible choice. It prevented surgery she did not want or need.


SEC Approves Bankster Blockades on Political Speech

Soon criticism of fictional reserve banking itself will be another form of “hate speech”.

… MasterCard is not the only holder of purse-strings that is mulling the selective banning of individuals from their services and funds. Patreon and PayPal have previously barred individuals from receiving payments using their platforms, due to their extreme views.

But unlike crowdfunding platforms, being cut off from one of the leading American multinational financial services corporations will, most likely, have a much greater impact on the financial stability of an individual or a group, especially after the US Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly blessed MasterCard’s undertaking.

By doing this, Swann believes the government granted “big corporations the ability to control what voices are heard.”

The issue with such an approach, the investigative journalist argues, would lead to a wider crackdown on financial payments to anyone who the government would see as unfavorable.

“The fact that the SEC has given a green light to this essentially says the SEC supports the idea of censoring these groups in order to freeze out essentially anyone you don’t agree with,” the journalist said.

“It is such a dystopian 1984 world view and yet we’re living through it right now,” the journalist observed.


Vitamin D Scandal: Deficiency Linked to Premature Birth

Shhh … don’t tell anyone.   The FDA’s scandalous RDA for vitamin D is a major profit generator for the medical-industrial complex which especially affects dark skinned child bearing women.   Covert eugenics going on here.

… In a recent study, researchers aimed to determine the relationship between vitamin D levels and preterm birth at an urban medical center treating a large, diverse population. The researchers analyzed data from 1,064 women. Preterm births occurred in 13% of the women. The data revealed that women with vitamin D levels of 40 ng/ml or higher had a 62% lower risk of preterm birth compared to women with vitamin D levels below 20 ng/ml (p < 0.0001). After adjusting for socioeconomic variables, this relationship remained, with levels of 40 ng/ml or higher associated with a 59% reduced risk of preterm birth.

The researchers also wanted to know whether vitamin D may only play a role in a specific type of preterm birth. Preterm births are commonly divided into two categories, spontaneous and indicated. About a quarter of preterm births are indicated, meaning that the medical team decided to induce labor early, often due to eclampsia or other serious medical conditions. The rest of preterm births are known as spontaneous preterm births, which happens when one goes into labor prematurely or her cervix opens prematurely. The study found that vitamin D levels of 40 ng/ml or higher were associated with similar reductions of spontaneous and indicated preterm births, with 58% and 68% reduced risk, respectively (p = 0.02, 0.06)….


High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Black Pregnant Women and Neonates Residing in Northern USA

Depopulation strategy: Premature birth

American Birth Trauma Again Emerges as Plausible Explanation for Anomalous Health Statistics e.g.”Hispanic Paradox”

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

Welcoming babies to the klingon empire

Immediate “cleaning” (more like scouring given a newborn’s tender skin) is typical treatment for babies in this country.   All needless, abusive and make-work profitable for the predatory business of medicine.  There are good reasons NOT to “clean” the baby to begin with, starting with olfactory-hormonally-mediated bonding and beneficial bacterial skin colonization.  Not to mention the baby’s immediate and utter need and requirement to be on its mothers’ body, for both their sakes.  This baby was born prematurely by cesarean (pregnancy complications are exacerbated by the FDA’s studious ignorance about vitamin D http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/05/vitamin-d-scandal-deficiency-linked-to-premature-birth/ ) and probably immediately cord-clamped (depriving the baby of placental blood, oxygen and stem cells http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/02/medical-research-rediscovers-harm-of-immediate-cord-clamping/ )

Brain injuries, like imprints, last a lifetime.

No telling whether her neck needs chiropractic adjustment after being dropped, but I’m sure they’ll opt for drugs and/or surgery instead if she does.  But at least she’s not a boy, otherwise she’d be whisked off to the soundproofed circumcision chamber for a little sadomasochistic torture.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2013/07/teaching-sadomasochism-in-the-obstetrical-ward/

What exactly does it take for the gladiator slaves battling in the empire’s political colosseum to peer over their iphones long enough to see what is happening to their own children?

This is social destabilization on a massive scale and it feeds right in to family dysfunction, depression, poverty and drug abuse.  This is not an exaggeration.

My twin girls were born 2/14/19 at Chandler Regional in Chandler, AZ and my daughter Morgan was dropped on her head due to the negligence of the staff. I was never notified she was dropped nor were there any tests done due to them dropping her. I would like to prevent this from happening to other children being born at this hospital.

She spent a total of 12 days in the NICU due to her being 3lbs 4oz when born. A head ultrasound was done on day 5 and I was also not notified that this was being done due to her low birth weight and I was never given the results of this test. She has a grade 1 hemorrhage on the left side of her brain and I am not sure if that was due to her being dropped or her low birth weight. I did not find out that this test was done and the results of this test until this past Saturday when I brought up a different concern to her doctor.

My husband was recording but was watching my other daughter being pulled out. They were only born one minute apart. I’ve shortened the video because it shows my stomach opened and I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

Please share my video to spread the word.

Addendum: she’s showing signs of epilepsy: http://www.foxla.com/news/video-shot-by-chandler-family-shows-hospital-staff-dropping-baby-girl-on-her-head