The Gut Microbiome, Immunity and the Impact of GMO’s and Vaccines

It is a total illusion that we live apart from nature.   We carry nature around in our bodies. As we destroy the external environment, we are also steadily wrecking our internal environment.

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GMOs and VACCINES are destroying your good gut bacteria and crippling your immunity

(Natural News) Who’s taking a “shot to the gut” today? Nothing like being kicked in the stomach, but in this case, we’re looking into how genetically modified organisms and foreign proteins literally destroy the environment in your gut, in essence wiping out all your flora – the good bacteria you need to fight off diseases and infections. Let’s talk about two things that no medical doctor in America is allowed to talk about, for fear of losing their medical licenses to the para-military AMA (American Medical Association).

We know that there really are evil people in this world, who will sicken and destroy others for money by running lucrative businesses with no ethics or morals whatsoever. These businesses include engineering crops that contain pesticide genes to kill bugs and weeds. Science is proving time and time again that these same pesticides, when consumed regularly, cause cancer, dementia, and immune system dysfunction in humans.

Another business model thrives on the other end of the spectrum, where soulless scientists insert into vaccines foreign animal proteins, heavy metal toxins, genetically modified human albumin from abortion cells, monkey kidney cells, aluminum, MSG, deadly swine viruses, and even lethal squalene. This is done not to boost immunity but to destroy it….

Gut-toxic antibiotics should also be reconsidered, especially given the availability of non-toxic antiseptics and broad spectrum immunity boosters  like colloidal silver and normal doses of vitamin D, respectively.

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

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