Psychology Today Bans Narvaez’s Blogging on Circumcision

It seems the first prerequisite for a career in the medical “arts” is psychopathy.

I keep telling people that MGM is medicine’s Achilles heel.   Pull on that thread and the whole shiny “scientific” facade comes tumbling down.

New post at my website (Psychology Today doesn’t allow commentary on infant circumcision anymore).

It’s not fine. “Circumcision fundamentally changes you forever.”

Genital Integrity Awareness Week is March 28- April 3, 2019 (list of events in Washington DC).

The 2017 film, American Circumcision, should be watched by everyone who will have a boy in the future, everyone whose family will have a baby boy in the future, every medical professional that has a say on child treatment, and all parent educators. It is filled with important information, from history to research studies, and with interesting details about male anatomy and the horrific circumcision practices (and accidents) themselves.

Here are some of the movie’s points.


Circumcision as a cultural practice started with a minimal clipping as instructed by God to Abraham in the Jewish Torah. When Jews started competing in athletic games with the Greeks, they started to stretch the foreskin so they would look like the Greeks. This disgruntled Jewish leaders who then changed the practice to remove the entire foreskin.

Outside of the middle east, Victorian England started it as a means to prevent masturbation, considered to be related to madness and ill health.

Indeed, the foreskin is highly sensitive in all sorts of ways. Sorrel study shows that the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis (10,000-100,000 nerve endings). Note: A number of researchers who published tests of sensitivity did not test the foreskin.

Lots more on its English history, where circumcision was correlated with wealth (upper classes did it more), here.

Americans, with puritanical roots, adopted it as a means to curtail social pleasure. Though circumcision largely died out in England by the 1950s and health services never paid for it, the USA continues the practice still today.

More on history of circumcision in USA, here.


As John Geisheker, director of Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC), explained, there is a massive literature on the topic, in multiple disciplines. As he awakened to the issue, he reports becoming more and more horrified at what he learned. Lots of studies show there is no good effect.

PAIN. Only about 50% of are anesthetized. Anesthesia doesn’t always work, doctors don’t wait long enough for it to work, and the best anesthesia takes several injections into the penis (painful!)

The younger the baby, the more exquisitely the pain of circumcision is felt (Anand & Hickey, 1987).

PTSD. The Taddio study showed that circumcised infants reacted more hysterically to vaccinations, which was interpreted as PTSD. Babies might look like they are sleeping but they would withdraw into catatonic shock. Distrust is potential aspect of the PTSD that results.

Taddio, A., Katz, J., Ilersich, A.L., Koren, G. (1997). Effect of neonatal circumcision on pain response during subsequent routine vaccination. Lancet, 349(9052), 599-603.

INABILITY TO EXPRESS FEELINGS (alexithymia). Boys go into shock and dissociate during the procedure which can lead to an inability to express their feelings.

LONGTERM. Flashbacks in dreams. Rage, particularly toward women.

SEXUAL ABUSE. Baby gets erection and then circumcision occurs. When Marilyn Milos saw this she realized it was sexual abuse, where sexual and violence are brought together.

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION. Intact penises appreciate the same kind of motions that vaginas prefer. Circumcision changes that. Problems increase with age.

BOTCHED PROCEDURES.  Botched circumcisions happen frequently. A malpractice lawyer said in the film, “there is a lot of malpractice.”


In the USA, the sexual revolution of the 1960s countered the anti-pleasure view of a good life. As a result, decade by decade, other rationales have been promoted to continue the practice of circumcision, making it a political not medical issue…..

What does infant circumcision look like?

Here are some videos of infants being circumcised that are very disturbing.

Social destabilization is extremely profitable if you’re a central banker.   There’s your motive.   Money creation is the means.   The invisibility of money flows, particularly money flows into the “cerebral” businesses like science and propaganda, is the opportunity.

Who owns your doctor?    S/he probably doesn’t even know.

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