Free Course: The Dark Side of Vaccines

There are two sides to the story of vaccines. The predominant story told to us by government institutions and the mass media is that “vaccines are safe and effective.” But are we really being told the whole story? In this course, we’ll peel back the curtain and peer into the shadows as we examine vaccine safety and efficacy from a critical perspective.

Class Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction
Welcome to the Course (0:26)
A Story with Two Sides (0:35)
A Hundred Year Debate (0:48)
The Importance of History (0:17)
Fact Check (references + links)
Chapter 2: Historical Vaccine Safety Issues
The Cutter Incident (1:16)
Simian Virus 40 (1:43)
The Swine Flu Vaccine (0:50)
The RotaShield Vaccine (0:46)
Pandemrix (0:23)
Porcine Circovirus (0:37)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: Simian Virus 40
Chapter 3: Other Vaccine Safety Concerns
Smallpox Vaccine –> AIDS Epidemic (2:28)
Flu Vaccine –> Respiratory Infections (0:43)
DTP Vaccine –> Mortality in Children (1:52)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: Smallpox Vaccine-AIDS
Chapter 4: Evidence of Harm
The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (1:25)
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (0:24)
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (0:52)
What are the Odds? (0:36)
Unavoidably Unsafe (0:57)
Fact Check (references + links)
Chapter 5: Vaccine Efficacy
Measles Vaccine Efficacy (0:43)
Measles Mortality (1:53)
Measles: Past and Present
Flu Vaccine Efficacy (1:00)
Flu Shot During Pregnancy: Anecdotal Evidence
Duration of Vaccine Protection (0:59)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: Measles
Chapter 6: Manufactured Science
Conflicts of Interest (0:40)
Mumps Vaccine Fraud (0:50)
MMR-Autism Fraud (0:52)
HPV Vaccine Safety Testing Concerns (0:53)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: HPV
Chapter 7: Toxic Metals in Vaccines
Mercury (1:34)
Mercury: Brain Neuron Degeneration
Aluminum (3:20)
Aluminum: Mice Experiment
Autism (1:28)
Let the Science Speak (2:55)
Dr. Bernadine Healy (former NIH director)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: Aluminum Adjuvants-Autism
Chapter 8: Herd Immunity
The Herd Immunity Myth (2:17)
Further Study: Herd Immunity
Chapter 9: The Profit Motive
The Right to Say ‘No’
The Profit Motive (1:52)
Fact Check (references + links)
Chapter 10: Time for Real Science
The Greatest Enemy of Truth
Time for Real Science (1:37)
Dr. Bernadine Healy (former NIH director)
Fact Check (references + links)
Further Study: Additional Resources
Gifts – Giving and Receiving

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