Forget AOC, America’s Real “Green New Deal” is Hemp

In February, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senator Edward Markey introduced the Green New Deal, a radical piece of legislation designed to overhaul America’s economy in the name of fighting global warming. The implementation of this “deal” is estimated to cost upwards of $50 trillion and may be as high as $90 trillion. 

One of the Green New Deal’s goals is to meet “100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources” in the next 10 years. This alone would cost taxpayers upwards of $13 trillion.

Exactly where this money would come from is a mystery as the US currently owes over $22 trillion in debt. The green new deal could prove to be catastrophic in regard to the economy and would like be riddled with corrupt government contracts and ineffective bureaucracies. Luckily, however, there is a free market solution to fighting pollution and fostering a cleaner more renewable future for generations to come. That solution is hemp.

Because government is the antithesis to freedom, industrial hemp has been banned nationwide since 1937 ostensibly due to the plant’s similarities to marijuana. Many have speculated that this move was also due to the fact that cannabis is in direct competition with the pharmaceutical industry by providing far safer alternative treatments as well as directly competing with the petrochemical industry. However, all this changed in December after President Donald Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement act of 2018, legalizing industrial hemp on a national scale.

Despite this move, law enforcement across the country continue to go after entirely legal businesses for selling this THC-free version of the cannabis plant. However, they are quickly being exposed for the tyrants that they are. Even the mainstream media—who have long suppressed and ignored the benefits of the hemp plant—are now forced to cover its benefits.

As Forbes reports, “our dependency on petrochemicals has proven hard to overcome, largely because these materials are as versatile as they are volatile. From fuel to plastics to textiles to paper to packaging to construction materials to cleaning supplies, petroleum-based products are critical to our industrial infrastructure and way of life.”

But all this is now changing. Thanks to the many states who chose to disobey hemp prohibition, the federal government was forced to legalize it nationally….

Since man-made global warming is a fraud, a pretext for imposing the shock doctrine on a global scale and a taxing mechanism for global government, pretty much anything is preferable.   But switching to a hemp-based economy would save forests, reduce oil-based industrial pollution and hopefully pave the way to cannabis based medicines, taking money out of the hands of the disaster capitalists in the lumber, oil and pharmaceutical industries.   A win all the way around.

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