Farmers who use biosolids are NOT required to tell anyone – their land is being polluted in SECRET

(Natural News) One would think that with so many lingering and unanswered questions about the safety of “biosludge” that regulatory authorities would, at the very least, require farmers who use the stuff to provide full, public disclosure in the interest of public safety. But unfortunately this isn’t the case.

According to biosludge truth activist Craig Monk, a local resident of Midlothian, Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth, farmers and others who apply biosludge to their land are currently not required by laws to disclose this fact – even when their use of biosludge has the very real potential to negatively impact their neighbors.

This lack of transparency has created an ongoing nightmare in Monk’s local community, where biosludge odor and residue is negatively affecting people’s homes and personal property. And because biosludge users are apparently given preferential legal treatment, there’s been very little they can do to stop this toxic onslaught.

“Farmers are not required to tell anybody that they’ve put out biosolids,” Monk told the crew of the new Biosludged documentary film by Brighteon Films during an exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview.

“And until people who might buy that farm, and the general public becomes aware of what biosolids or sewage sludge is, they’ll continue to sell their properties uninhibited.”…

“Sewage sludge, or biosolids, whatever you want to call it, was never designed to be put out on top of land,” Monk adds, further explaining how he’s dedicated much of his time in recent years towards investigating the biosolids situation in the interest of public health.

“It was designed to be put in a landfill, a lined landfill, because of the contaminants, chemicals, and pathogens that are in it,” he says, pointing to official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents that openly admit to the fact that regulatory authorities really don’t know for sure what’s being dumped on America’s farmland every time biosludge is applied.

Video: Biosludged

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