Fake Science As A Tool Of Social Control

For years now I have been trying to understand why the huge focus and investment on genetics in autism research when to date the findings have been dismal. I also could not understand why promising research investigating environmental factors have been dismissed or worse yet, conducted in a manner to purposefully manipulate significant finding away from their connection to certain risk factors (like mercury or vaccines). Then I came across this article, Science as Social Control Political Paralysis and the Genetics Agenda, which explained perfectly what I instinctively knew, science is being used as a means of exonerating industry and/or government for culpability by blaming the individual for having the poor luck of bad genetics.

The author of the article reviews recent publication in the prestigious journal Science which investigated whether variations in individual “educational attainment” (essentially, whether students complete high school or college) could be attributed to inherited genetic differences. According to the research, fully 98% of all variation in educational attainment is accounted for by factors other than a person’s simple genetic makeup.  But nowhere in the title of the paper, the accompanying press release or in the summary was this important fact even mentioned!  The focus was on the identification of three gene variants that each contributed 0.02% to the variation in educational attainment.  And instead of calling for effective ways to help all children to reach their full potential, the 200 plus authors called for more genetic research to follow-up on these “promising candidate SNPs”.  Read the full post at the SafeMinds site.


Psychiatry perfected this approach decades ago.   Blame the genes, blame the brain, blame anything but the pathological social environments many kids have to adapt to as a means of survival.   Social environments that psychiatry itself helps to perpetuate.  Medical mercenaries for hire.  https://web.archive.org/web/20170219054702/http://www.stopshrinks.org/winkel/2nader080100.htm

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