Citizens across America are flatly REFUSING to follow gun magazine bans… lawmakers and tyrants nullified

People who still trust this genocidal, torturing, false-flagging, gangster establishment after all that has been revealed in the past 30 years have some serious psychological issues. Ignorance is not bliss and blind trust usually results in harm, as evidenced by the ongoing vaccination crisis.

USA: A Shooting Gallery


(Natural News) Gun control fanatics are getting a slap in the face, as liberty-loving, gun-toting Americans refuse to comply with tyrannical magazine bans. In New Jersey, over a million gun owners have taken a stand by ignoring the state’s new high-capacity magazine ban. Power-hungry liberal politicians are clearly out of touch with reality if they expect law-abiding citizens to simply hand over their lawfully obtained munitions because Big Government said so.

From coast to coast, Americans are standing against tyranny by refusing to comply with overzealous gun magazine laws. In notoriously leftist states like California, Connecticut, New York and Vermont, citizens are ignoring government calls to turn in gun magazines, and many activists are taking steps to have magazine bans recalled entirely.

Indeed, there is nothing more American than rebelling against a government that no longer has your best interests at heart. Gun owners in overwhelmingly liberal states may as well be chanting, “No confiscation without representation.”

Refuse to comply

As Ammoland reports, citizens around the country are rejecting gun magazine bans almost entirely — no one is turning in their high-capacity magazines. New Jersey rolled out their magazine ban six months ago, and in that time, not a single citizen has offered up their munitions.

In the nearby states of New York and Connecticut, only about three percent of gun owners complied with similar “ban and confiscate” efforts.

Further north, the Vermont Supreme Court has just given the go-ahead to a lawsuit against the state’s ban on standard-capacity magazines. The measure was signed into law in the spring of 2018, and bans “long-gun magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds and handgun magazines with a capacity greater than 15.”…

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