Biden and The Illegal Vote

What Biden was doing frequently in the summer of 2016 was twofold.

Firstly, he was conditioning the American public to the idea of granting illegals the right to vote. This had more immediate effect on illegals and Democrats in general. This was the long game.

Secondly, he was providing Mexican programming channels with the seed or catalyst for content to tell illegal residents of the US that they were actually citizens and had the right to vote. Most Mexico-produced television content is available within the US to Spanish speaking consumers. He was seeding the echo chamber on Mexican TV programming to illegals.

Each time Biden would say this in the summer of 2016, it would be repeated by Mexican newscasters, commentators, television stars, movie stars and sports stars hundreds or thousands of times. And it was entirely unseen by most American citizens.

Watch his infamous speech here, recorded by CNN:

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