9/11 In Context: Plans and Counterplans

Let’s not beat around the Bush. It was not Osama bin Laden and his minions who masterminded 9/11, it was the U.S. Government. The attacks of that day required years of planning and preparation, beginning long before the Florida Coup installed the current puppet in the White House. It was a complex black operation carried out by secret elements of the U.S. and subordinate foreign governments, working in the interests, under the direction, and with the assistance of the highest levels of corporate power. There is ample evidence that the intelligence services of Israel, Pakistan and the UK were involved in supporting roles to the supervising CIA/FBI/ Pentagon team. Key members of the U.S. Congress were in on the planning as well, and have assisted with the subsequent coverup.

But the main players were “Special Operations” units run by the CIA and the Pentagon. There are many types of Special Operations; the term is usually used to denote highly localized military interventions. As elaborated by L. Fletcher Prouty in his two important books, The Secret Team and Understanding Special Operations, the term is properly applied to larger-scale operations as well, however, and can be synonymous with “Covert Operations”, which historically have been directed at domestic U.S. as well as foreign targets (a good example is the assassination of President Kennedy).

The provocation on 9/11 was simply the biggest Special Operation of all time. It was the logical, even predictable, outcome of the development over more than half a century of a clandestine (or “deep”) political system where the most powerful members of the capitalist ruling class vie for real power. Just as a wide range of familiar means of government and corporate control via coercion and propaganda directs the routinized, visible class war of capitalist society, a host of techniques are available to contenders within the clandestine political understructure: coups, assassinations , kidnappings, disappearances, tortures, slanders, libels, humiliations, disinformation campaigns, “psychological operations”, mind control, death squads, “suicides”, drug smuggling, gun-running, money laundering, insider trading, fraud, and most especially, provocations and fake “terrorism”….


Here’s a selection of 9/11 stuff from the reference section of this site.   A small sampling of that and a miniscule sampling of what a resesearcher can find out about this collossal fraud and taxpayer-funded money laundering operation.

Smoking guns of 9/11:


NIST lied about molten metal at WTC


Molten metal around 5000 degrees K pouring from south tower just before collapse. Look up black body radiation and compare colors.



NIST admits freefall acceleration during collapse of WTC7. To a physicist, this is an admission of controlled demolition.


Thermite found in WTC dust:


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