‘Save the Internet’: 1,000-strong rallies against EU copyright bill hit European cities

Tens of thousands of protesters marched all across Europe to vent their anger at the controversial EU copyright bill critics say will curb freedom to upload content on social media platforms like YouTube or Tumblr.

Europe saw massive rallies on Saturday with countless protesters united by a motto ‘Save our Internet’. In Germany alone, as many as forty demonstrations took place. Munich and Berlin were the venues for the largest protests, with 40,000 and 30,000 people taking part.

Many were seen holding hand-made banners that read “We are not bots,” “Make art not articles” or “Yes to copyright, not to censorship.”

The rallies took place as the European Parliament is set to vote for the EU Copyright Directive. The bill brings existing copyright legislation up-to-date with the demands of the digital age but features clauses that courted controversy among users.

One clause, Article 13, in the directive demands that various online platforms be legally responsible for users that upload copyright-infringing content. Critics argue that the only way to do so is to scrutinize content before it is uploaded, leading to installing filters that will likely be prone to errors….



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