FDA threatens to impose nationwide vaccine compliance, ending all exemptions

(Natural News) FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is now threatening to overthrow state laws and institute federal vaccine mandates. These ominous warnings about cracking down on vaccine exemptions are a sure indication that the FDA, like other federal agencies, has grown too big for its britches. The rise of administrative power within the federal government has long been a threat to American freedom.

Apparently, Gottlieb has no concerns about violating Americans’ right to freedom. No where in the Constitution does it give the federal government the right to mandate medical decisions for the American people — and yet, that is what the leader of the FDA is trying to do.

As many critics have noted, federal agencies like the FDA use their position as an “administrative” agency to circumvent the Constitution — and all of the limitations it puts on the three official branches of federal government. Administrative agencies today now function as the “fourth branch” of federal government — with all of the power and none of the stipulations.

While FDA officials say that their threats of “intervention” are to protect the public, what they aren’t saying is that a power grab of this kind will set a dangerous precedent for the future. At the very least, it will establish federal agencies’ ability to usurp state-held powers whenever they see fit….


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