Crazy Obstetricians Pulling Uteruses Out of Women

Because they know less than nothing about umbilical cords and placentas and birth and babies.   I remember a nurse recounting how she saw a doctor bracing himself with his foot up on the table trying to pull out the placenta by the umbilical cord.   This is mental illness, and it causes pathological imprints which result in further mental illness.

By immediately clamping the cord, they’re not only depriving the baby of blood, oxygen, iron, stem cells, immunological and hormonal inputs, they’re also blocking the process by which the placenta would naturally detach from the uterine wall. See the interview with Suzanne Humphries in the article linked below.

There’s something seriously wrong with medical education in this country.

Obstetrics hemorrhage remains one of the leading causes of maternal death in developed and developing countries 1. Acute uterine inversion is a rare and serious obstetrics emergency, estimated to occur in one in 3737 deliveries 2. This tends to happen at least once a year in our unit. In acute uterine inversion, the uterus has turned inside out and may protrude from the vagina. Often, this occurred when fundal massage and umbilical cord traction were performed incorrectly or overenthusiastically.

Uterine inversion is usually classified according to the degree of inversion. In incomplete inversion, the uterine fundus is inverted and lies within the endometrial cavity without extending beyond the external os, whereas a prolapsed inversion is one where the fundus protruded through the vaginal introitus. In complete uterine inversion, the uterus as well as the vagina is inverted. In this high‐risk group of patients, early recognition and prompt management in a multi‐disciplinary approach using standard guidelines will enable the safe delivery of a baby while saving the mother’s life. We described a case of acute uterine inversion following the delivery of placenta despite controlled cord traction from the perspective of an obstetrician and an anesthetist….

Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

WTF they’re teaching about birth in medical school

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