Corbett: A False Flag in Kashmir?

India blamed the suicide bombing on pakistan, but who benefited?  James raises an intriguing possibility, a tie-in with china’s belt and road initiative which is high on the west’s hit list.   Whoever did it, the collateral damage may be nuclear war.

In response to a suicide bombing in Kashmir that killed 40 Indian paramilitaries last month, the Indian Air Force struck targets in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

I imagine that many readers around the world today would read that sentence the way that 105 years ago they would have read the sentence: “A Bosnian separatist shot the presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo today.” Many would have been saddened by the news or shocked at the outburst of violence and the senseless death . . . and then went about their day. After all, that was way over there in the Balkans. “What does that have to do with us?”

Similarly, many might be tempted to write off the latest news from Kashmir—the disputed territory between India and Pakistan—as just another regrettable flare up of violence. But it is not. As two nuclear-armed nations with deep-seated hostilities sitting at the crossroads of a new geopolitical order, India and Pakistan represent the Balkans of our day. We ignore the events there at our own peril….

India plotted dangerous attack with Israeli help

ISLAMABAD: India with the backing of Israel and at the peak of its standoff with Pakistan had last week planned a “dangerous attack” to be executed from its Rajasthan airbase, a highly placed government source revealed on Monday.

Timely intelligence and backdoor messaging made it clear to India that a befitting response would be given if it were to go ahead with the planned attack, one which would possibly take the countries to a “point of no return”.

And as the nuclear armed neighbours wound up a tough week in what was possibly the most near-war situation the two have been in since decades, no one is quite sure of what to expect next.

However, the top civilian source observed that the next possible escalation by India would not be in terms of ground, air or missiles — but more likely in the form of a hybrid conflict in the nature of militant attacks, economic measures etc.

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In fact, what India termed, and thus legitimised as “pre-emptive non-military strike” last Tuesday, was a first of its kind violation of international border and Pakistan’s airspace since 1971….

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