Bookmark This: 400 Gun and Ammo sites Democrats don’t want you to visit

Has it really come to this?    I don’t know, but it seems prudent.

Make no mistake the Democrats are coming for your guns. It’s not going to be in one clean swoop like the mandatory gun buyback program in Australia, because that would lead to a civil war. This roundup will be slow and incremental, and it starts with the limitation of information.

As most know Google is the information gatekeeper for about 75% of the world. It’s also a well-known fact that Google hates guns, and will do anything to destroy publishers and businesses that dare to uphold the Second Amendment. That is why this article is so important. Google can continue to suppress all the sites listed below, but they can’t suppress this page if you bookmark it in your browser. That is how we are going to win this war. Listed below are over 400 pro-Second Amendment websites offering valuable information in regards to firearms, ammo, gunsmithing, hunting, news, and much more. By no means is this list complete. I’m sure there are hundreds of great sites I missed, and if so please feel free to mention them in the comments and I will be sure to add them to this list. Please note I haven’t received any compensation from any of the companies or publishers listed below, my only goal is to create a great resource people can use over and over again….

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