Adam Shiff Pushing Amazon to Censor Unapproved Vaccination Viewpoints

I wonder how much it costs to hire a mercenary like Shiff for the specific purpose of wholesale child abuse?  How much pharma money has he taken?  Has “democrat” become synonymous with fascist?

More Calls For Censorship!

I found out about Congressman Adam Schiff’s Letter to Jeff Bezos through a BuzzFeed reporter who emailed me for my comment, and he asked me if we would congregate elsewhere if we are shut out of Amazon. My response to the reporter is:

All across the world there are medical doctors, scientists, activists, parents and nonprofits who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines through clinical observation, scientific peer reviewed studies, vaccine injury compensation programs and parent testimonies of vaccine injury and death. Many have created books, DVDs, videos, websites, and other materials that give specific understanding on why we should be concerned about vaccine safety and efficacy. The idea that vaccines are “safe and effective” is an opinion and not a fact and those of us who question vaccine safety and efficacy are not misinformed. We abhor any attempt to throttle our discourse on this very important topic that affects us all, especially when our government is actively engaged in creating vaccine mandates for the population.

Friends, what is the greatest threat to the liability-free vaccine industry, above all else? One word: TRUTH. The ongoing calls for our messaging to be shut down, even on Amazon where we can find numerous books written by medical doctors (and others) which question vaccine safety and efficacy, should send chills and anger up the spines of every American who values freedom in the USA. If vaccine skeptic info is shut down, what’s next?

For the last four years I have been encouraging you and everyone to read books – as many as possible of course, but most definitely a few specific books that I think every parent ought to own and read to be well informed about vaccine risk and why natural immunity is superior to vaccination. If you did not see my earlier emails, keep in mind that my YouTube monetization was turned off, and it would be no stretch at all to see my Amazon Storefront removed as well. So, with that in mind, I would like to encourage you to get a few books, right now, while you still can. I own over two dozen books on this topic so I have a pretty good sense in terms of what I think will help us the most in understanding this issue. I have set up my Amazon Store so that my recommended books and DVDs are prioritized – the first book is my top pick, and so on.

If there were ever a time to get these valuable resources, I’d say right now is the time!



~ Larry Cook

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