Amazon pulls ‘irresponsible’ infant circumcision training kits from sale over child safety fears

The National Secular Society wrote to Amazon twice asking for the kits, modelled on a child under two, to be “permanently removed from sale” and warning unnecessary surgery could lead to serious harm.

Life/Form Circumcision Trainer kits, including surgical scissors, scalpels, a practice dummy with prosthetic foreskin replacements and instructions, were on sale for between £365 and £456, but were removed after an enquiry by The Independent.

However cheaper versions of the kits, including the dummy training doll and foreskin replacements, were still listed at time of publication.

“Male circumcision in the UK is wholly unregulated and we fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm.”

It warns that a complaint to the the UK Advertising Standards Agency could follow about the health benefits claimed.

The product description for the kits still available on Amazon say: “This worldwide procedure is performed for health, religious, or cultural reasons shortly after birth, around puberty, or during young adulthood.”

It claims the World Health Organisation (WHO), among other groups, says there is “evidence that indicates male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of female-to-male HIV transmission by over 50 per cent” [see below -rw]

Well gee with that kind of success it’s probably just a matter of time before mandatory medicine metastasizes into ADULT male genital mutilation, as random-junk-contaminated corporate-liability-immune vaccination currently threatens to do.  It would have to be imposed behind closed doors though, the sight of grown men being tied down and struggling against armed guards, doktors and nurses would be a little too disturbing to the sheep. Better to get them before they can make a scene.

In any case, amazon is still pandering to the sadopedophilic compulsions of infant circumcisors.  See:

What the media never seems to get around to mentioning is that MGM INCREASES male-to-female hiv transmission rates by more than enough to neutralize the purported reduction in the opposite direction.  Nothing to see here.

Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM

Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay et al sell Do-It-Yourself Circumcision Torture Devices

As Amazon Bans Vaccine Documentary, Child Sex Dolls Openly Sold on Their Website

In what can be referred to as a modern day book burning, earlier this month, Amazon caved to pressure from politicians and began to purge information that challenged the established view on vaccinations. Multiple books were removed that promoted “alternative cures” for autism as well hit documentaries like Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. 

Regardless of how you feel personally about vaccinations, purging information in such a manner is alarming and should be cause for grave concern. Last month, during the hysteria over the measles non-epidemic, TFTP pointed out how this hysteria was being used to make massive shifts in online algorithms as well as legislation.

Not only do people react differently to different medicines, but these medicines are manufactured and administered by humans—who make errors—a lot. So, maintaining skepticism in the form of advocating for safe vaccines is a necessary counter balance to blindly accepting the word of companies who have been known to lie and cause harm to countless people — paying out billions to their victims.

Currently, across the country, there are over 100 bills filed in 30 different states proposing to expand, restrict or eliminate vaccine informed consent rights.

Now as this recent move by Amazon and others illustrates, those who promote vaccine safety are being treated as outcasts and lawmakers are literally calling for them to be silenced, and it is working. Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, who has sponsored mandatory vaccine laws throughout his career came out last month to threaten the speech of those who question forced vaccination.

In a letter to the Attorney General of the United States, Pan wrote that the “deliberate spread of vaccine information discouraging vaccination” requires the surgeon general to “stop this attack on our nation’s health by addressing the spread of vaccine misinformation.”

These people are not only moving to mandate vaccines, but they are going further by silencing those who speak out against such measures—a chilling notion indeed, one by which Amazon had no problem abiding.

Earlier this month, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) sent a letter directly to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calling for the purging of this information.

“The algorithms which power social media platforms and Amazon’s recommendations are not designed to distinguish quality information from misinformation or misleading information and, as a result, harmful anti-vaccine messages have been able to thrive and spread,” reads his letter.

“The scientific and medical communities are in overwhelming consensus that vaccines are both safe and effective,” Schiff wrote in the letter. “There is no evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases, and the dissemination of unfounded and debunked theories about the dangers of vaccinations pose a great risk to public health.”

After the letter was received, Amazon purged the information. In response to the removal of their material, the creators of Vaxxed were given a generic statement as to why their content was removed….

Adding to the chilling notion of modern day book burning is that while Amazon claims the movie Vaxxed violated its terms, they apparently have no problem selling sex dolls that resemble children….