Eight Journalists Investigated And Fired For Reporting On George Soros

Radio Televisión Martí is an international broadcaster based in Miami, Florida which transmits news in Spanish to Cuba. After airing a video that exposed billionaire George Soros of being an operative of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Menéndez called for an investigation and eight staffers were fired after being accused of being “anti-Semitic.”


Corbett: Resisting Illegitimate Authority with Dr. Bruce Levine

Dr. Bruce Levine joins us once again to discuss his book Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian―Strategies, Tools, and Models. We talk about authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism, how dissent has been pathologized by power structures in the past, how it is pathologized today, and how anti-authoritarians can fruitfully resist and dissent against oppressive power structures.


EPA giving oil companies the OK to dump fracking chemicals into Gulf of Mexico

(Natural News) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems to make the wrong decision at every turn when it comes to protecting the environment and human health. From its unholy alliance with Monsanto – which has led to the dousing of American croplands with cancer-causing glyphosate – to raising the limit on radioactive elements in drinking water by a staggering 3,000 times, the EPA has proven time and time again that it cannot be relied upon to do its job.

In the latest example of its complete lack of commitment to protecting the environment, the EPA has continued to allow gas and oil companies to dump wastewater and chemicals generated by offshore fracking activities directly into the Gulf of Mexico….


Putin Formally Suspends Russian Participation In INF Treaty, Notifies Washington

Russia has formally pulled out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) after previously signalling that it would take this historic step after the White House announced last month that the US would suspend all obligations under the treaty. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday formally enacting and finalizing Russia’s suspension of the INF Treaty, which was set to expire in less than six months and subject of heightened tensions after both sides have repeatedly accused the other of having been in violation of its terms for years.

The success of the Reagan-era agreement was felt primarily in that it resulted in the enduring demilitarization on the European continent in the final years of the Cold War. But Russia now worries Washington could station ballistic missiles in Europe now that the deal has collapsed. According the text of the new decree published by the Kremlin on Monday, the INF could potentially be revived in Russia’s eyes but only if the US “eliminates its earlier violations of its obligations” under the deal….


Study: Rebalancing the gut improves symptoms of autism

A study involving 18 children with autism between the ages of 7 and 16, found that rebalancing the gut led to an improvement in their symptoms. The children were given fecal transplants in order to introduce healthy microbes into their guts. Their doctors and parents reported positive changes in the children that lasted for at least eight weeks following the treatment. Improvements were noted in both their neurological and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Standardized questionnaires were used to assess factors such as their hyperactivity, irritability, social skills and communication. Their average developmental age rose by 1.4 years following the treatment, while doctor-reported symptoms using the Childhood Autism Rating Scale dropped by 22 percent when the study ended.

The children’s gastrointestinal symptoms dropped a remarkable 82 percent over the course of treatment, and the bacterial diversity in their guts was identical to that of their healthy peers in the end….


Wakefield Vindicated Again

US Drops Banned White Phosphorous On ISIS In East Syria

According to Middle East news source Al Masdar News, the U.S. Coalition dropped internationally banned white phosphorous on the last tiny Islamic State enclave in eastern Syria during intense operations on Saturday evening.

American warplanes specifically dropped the white phosphorous on ISIS positions inside the Baghouz camp, which coalition statements have described as the last holdout to the “most hardened” militants, numbering in the hundreds, in Abu Kamal District of Deir Ezzor governate near the Iraqi border. ….


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Unleashes USMCA Coalition for North American Integration

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a corporate member of the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has launched a massive new lobbying effort called the USMCA Coalition to garner congressional and public support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement integration scheme.

“Over the coming weeks and months, the USMCA Coalition will make the case for expeditious passage of the agreement to members of Congress, and it will work to educate the American public about the benefits of the new deal,” the Chamber of Commerce stated in its February 26 press release announcing the launch of the new coalition. “The effort will harness the advocacy strength of a broad membership of companies, trade associations, and chambers of commerce, including many that operate outside of Washington, D.C.”

The USMCA Coalition is composed over “200 companies and associations representing farmers and ranchers, manufacturers, service providers, and technology companies” led by the Chamber of Commerce. However, on the USMCA Coalition’s website only 84 “Company Members” were listed. Of those 84 company members listed, the following are also corporate members of the CFR:…


If you think washington is out of control, try a north american union or a world government.  Freedom is inversely proportional to the size of government.