The US Ebola Vaccines Under Development: Uhm …. What???

Ok I’m not a biotechie, but wtf am I missing here?

The NIAID Vaccine Research Center (VRC) developed an Ebola vaccine candidate in collaboration with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and Okairos, a Swiss-Italian biotech company acquired by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 2013. Known as the NIAID/GSK investigational Ebola vaccine, or cAd3-EBOZ, the candidate vaccine is based on a type of chimpanzee cold virus, called chimp adenovirus type 3 (cAd3). The adenovirus is used as a vector, or carrier, to deliver Ebola genetic material. The vector is a non-replicating viral vector, which means the vaccine delivers the Ebola virus gene inserts but does not replicate further. The gene inserts express an Ebola virus protein designed to prompt the human body to make an immune response. The investigational vaccine contains no infectious Ebola virus material.

When tested in Phase 1 clinical trials in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2014, the NIAID/GSK investigational Ebola vaccine proved to be safe and induced an immune response….

NIAID has also been involved in testing the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine candidate. The vaccine uses a genetically engineered version of vesicular stomatitis virus, an animal virus that primarily affects cattle, to carry an Ebola virus gene insert. The investigational vaccine was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and licensed to NewLink Genetics Corporation. Merck & Co., Inc., is responsible for advancing the vaccine toward regulatory approval.

In Phase 1 testing conducted by NIAID and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, rVSV-ZEBOV proved to be safe and elicited robust antibody responses in all 40 of the healthy adults who received it….

[more nightmares…]

NIAID is supporting and conducting research to produce a vaccine candidate based on an existing rabies vaccine that would protect against Ebola, Marburg, and rabies viruses. NIAID intramural scientists are working with Thomas Jefferson University investigators to pursue a version of the vaccine for human and veterinary use, as well as a version for African wildlife. The National Institutes of Health licensed the candidate rabies/Ebola vaccines to Exxell BIO, which aims to advance the products through clinical testing and potential commercialization.

Where to begin?   Let me reassemble my exploded brain here….

First off, why not make use of the US taxpayer funded research which has already established that colloidal nanosilver around 10nm is a promising candidate for ebola treatment?   Are those researchers still alive or have they been swept under the rug along with their research?

Ebola: The Source and the Solution

Second, in order for the gene insert to “express an Ebola virus protein” the ebola gene has to be incorporated into a functioning cellular DNA metabolic pathway.   Apparently that would be a human cellular pathway since no other provision of cellular machinery is mentioned.   Which human cells?   Some of them, no problem, they’re eliminated from the body in short order without replicating, hopefully after they’ve manufactured the protein in question.  (I’m thinking VERY charitably here)   But some of them are going to replicate and produce ebola-tainted offspring ad infinitum, (including in subsequent human offspring as well if reproductive cells are affected).   If the gene is stable and active in the offspring, you’ll have an instant autoimmune disease which rejects whatever tissue is affected.   It can take years for autoimmunity to fully manifest, so a “phase 1 clinical trial” from a few years ago is laughable even if the test subjects are still being monitored, which I seriously doubt.

Vaccines used to contain proteins to elicit immune reactions to the bugs in question, although they also contain genetic, nano-metallic and rna-viral contaminants, supposedly by accident.   But with this new space-age steam-engine technology, the deliberate, published intention is to  turn the human body into a factory to generate the protein instead.   Why?   Because they can?

Third, a multivalent genetic vaccine for ebola, marburg and rabies?   What about spontaneous random genetic recombination?

This is way worse than eugenics.    This is genetic warfare.

If someone can set me straight on all this, could you please use the feedback form here?   Full attribution if you request it.

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