The Complete Failure of HHS to Conduct the Proper Science Required to Demonstrate Vaccine Safety

Thank you to CHD’s Coalition Partner, ICAN, for writing this comprehensive letter to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on December 31, 2018. The letter is a brilliant summary of the science questioning the safety of aluminum adjuvants and an exposé of the pervasive corruption that characterizes HHS’s vaccine clinical trials.

In the letter Del Bigtree stated, “Given the gravity of HHS’s responsibility, it is deeply troubling that the majority of HHS’s letter contains little more than broad unsupported conclusory assertions. Most of these conclusory assertions do not withstand basic scrutiny. HHS’s responses even often contradict its own source materials.” He went on to state, “Only by providing the science to support vaccine safety or acknowledging shortcomings in this science can HHS begin to restore Americans’ confidence in its ability to objectively assess and improve vaccine safety.” Be sure not to miss Appendix A: Questions Regarding Vaccine Safety and B: Post-Licensure Adverse Reactions.

October 2017 ICAN letter to HHS

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