Report: US interrogators working at UAE prisons

US interrogators are present in UAE prisons in Yemen, the Daily Beast has revealed today, providing shocking evidence that the American military is a witness to the torture of Yemenis.

In a series of interviews, two former detainees have testified to being interrogated by men with American accents, who looked on as they were beaten and electrocuted.

“They would strip me naked, they would beat me very harshly and slowly you start to understand the dynamics in the room. These are the two people, one of them is overseeing the whole interrogation and the other is doing the questioning and ordering the torture,” a Yemeni man identified only as Salvatore said, suggesting that the US was more that an unwilling observer.

In December, the Pentagon formally acknowledged for the first time that US military personnel operate in the Yemen prisons: “US forces do not conduct detention operations in Yemen; rather, US forces conduct intelligence interrogations of detainees held in partner custody,” the Pentagon reported.

However the latest accounts are the first that prove that the US is not only a witness, but a partner to torture of detainees. Both men say they saw Americans in military uniforms, complete with American flag insignia, and that a larger US presence was witnessed in a prison in Aden, where they were electrocuted, beaten and sexually threatened, and where others have been raped….

And you thought you lived in a civilized country.   But maybe you’re thinking it can’t happen in the USA?   Seriously?

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