Forget Jussie Smollet, Here Are the Real False Flags

The world slipped closer to nuclear war. Big false flags—actual, suspected, and anticipated—were a key factor. But hardly anybody noticed. Everyone was riveted by the story of actor Jussie Smollet, who supposedly paid a couple of Nigerian-American bodybuilders for a staged racist-homophobic near-lynching. The ostensible motive: Add a zero to Smollet’s pathetic little million-a-year salary.

The Jussie Smollet hoax was story number 29 of the 31 we covered on this week’s False Flag Weekly News.

In a world filled with false flags, this one just wasn’t all that important. Conspiracy theories that Obama was somehow involved are not supported by logic and evidence. If you really need a conspiracy theory (beyond Smollet conspiring with Nigerians) try this: The whole thing was staged to distract us, to get us talking about stupid celebrities and divisive, emotionally-galvanizing issues unrelated to the real dirty business conducted by our psychopathic rulers.

The week’s biggest suspected false flag was the bombing in Pulwama, Kashmir. This one may start a nuclear war. Over 40 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack attributed to an angry young Kashmiri suicide bomber supposedly backed by Pakistani intelligence. More likely it was an Indo-Zionist false flag designed to demonize Pakistan and rally Indians behind Pakistan-hating Modi, who is about to launch his re-election campaign.

The first clue is the timing: Pakistan has nothing to gain by heightening tensions now. Recently elected pro-9/11-truth Prime Minister Imran Khan is desperately seeking money to revitalize his country’s crumbling economy. The Pulwama attack is terrible PR for Pakistan as it proffers its global begging bowl. But it’s perfect PR for Modi’s campaign launch. And as Sabtain Ahmed Dar writes: “Modi’s framing of Pakistan as a terrorist state on the visit of Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman cunningly and subliminally (seeks) an advantage in its foreign policy with Iran by checkmating and framing both the Saudis and Pakistanis at the same time.”

Another sign of a likely false flag is a bigger bang and more casualties than would be expected, giving the event a huge media footprint. The alleged Pulwama attacker supposedly managed to kill more than forty occupation soldiers. While not impossible, such hugely successful operations often owe their success to inside help. Classic examples include:

In analyzing suspected false flags, the first rule of thumb is: If the event is big and bloody enough to make a huge media splash, whoever gains from that splash is the likely perpetrator. It takes skill and resources to create big, bloody attacks. Nobody will invest the necessary resources in planning and carrying out such an event unless they anticipate big gains.[1]

Another major suspected false flag this week was the “desecration of Jewish graves” near Strasbourg, France. Like Jussie Smollet fake attack, this one reinforced mainstream politically correct narratives about the supposed persecution of minorities. But unlike the Smollet affair, this one had huge political implications: It seemed perfectly timed to save Macron by demonizing the Yellow Vest uprising as “anti-Semitic.” In an orchestrated response reminiscent of the “spontaneous” Charlie Hebdo marches, “Thousands Marched Against Anti-Semitism in France.” Apparently everyone has forgotten the long history of fake anti-Semitic incidents, may of them as ludicrously amateur as Jussie Smollet’s. The difference is that the media will never let us forget that Smollet’s attack was fake—while it will never let us remember that the “anti-Semitic” ones were.

Sometimes the most important false flags are the ones looming on the horizon. This week there were two: An imminent one targeting Venezuela, and a bigger, nastier, further-off one targeting Iran.

The supposed Western aid convoy seeking to enter Venezuela from Columbia was obviously a set-up for false flags designed to trigger an escalation of Trump’s war on Maduro’s democratically-elected, constitutionally-legitimate government. Not long after Russia warned that it was coming, the predicable “Maduro attack on the aid convoy” broke out. As in Ukraine, Syria, and other targets of US-Israeli destabilization, mysterious masked gunmen fired at both sides, igniting bloodshed that could be blamed on the targeted government. After an aid truck was burned by mysterious arsonists , the Venezuelan government fingered “false flag expert” Pompeo’s “agents.”

After they are done with Venezuela, Trump’s neocon wrecking crew may head for Iran. Last week, Mnuchin’s Zionist-run Treasury Department sanctioned the biggest US-Iran friendship organization, the New Horizon NGO, which has brought hundreds of Western authors, scholars, activists, and media personalities to conferences in Tehran and Mashhad. The transparently bogus excuse for shutting down New Horizon was a minor spy scandal that hand nothing to do with the New Horizon organization. Yesterday Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff suggested that recent anti-Iran moves are greasing the skids for another disastrous war of aggression for the benefit of Israel. In his article Trump, Kushner Bolton Weighing False Flag Scenarios for April-May War with Iran Duff cites insider sources warning of “a dirty bombing in the US or a massive explosion, to be blamed on a mine in the Straits of Hormuz, that cripples one of America’s defective aircraft carriers.”

If the US invades Venezuela, and especially if it attacks Iran, a global war involving Russia and perhaps China is a real possibility. Trump’s shredding the INF treaty, which will put US and Russian forces on hair trigger alerts with very little time to respond to attack warnings, make such apocalyptic scenarios even more likely. Those of us who promote false flag awareness should remember that war-trigger deceptions like the destruction of the Maine, the Lusitania, and the Pearl Harbor fleet—not to mention the World Trade Center—are far more important than pathetic little scams by the likes of Jussie Smollet.


[1] As Robert Pape explains in Dying to Win, indigenous forces resisting occupations—as in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, and elsewhere—often do target occupying forces in suicide terror attacks. These are strategic military acts designed to raise the cost of occupation and eventually convince the occupier to cut his losses and go home. Such “real” (non-false-flag) attacks are usually of modest scale and are designed to “bleed” the occupier, not inflame the occupier’s citizens into demanding an intensified occupation. This strategic use of “terrorism” is exemplified by the death of a thousand cuts the US is suffering in Afghanistan.

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