CENSORSHIP ALERT: YouTube Uses AI For MORE Censoring Of Ideas

YouTube has decided to stop suggesting “conspiracy videos” to users on its platform.  It will no longer recommend videos “claiming the earth is flat or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11.”

So basically, anyone who questions the status quo, the official narrative parrotted by the mainstream media or offers up any idea contradicting that of a full-blown totalitarian grip on humanity, will be silenced. People, apparently, can no longer be trusted to watch a video about whether or not the Earth is flat and determine its merits on their own, so YouTube has decided it’ll just be your mommy and hide it from everyone.

The change will not affect the videos’ availability, however.  YouTube just wants to make it as difficult as possible for people to hear opposing ideas.  If users are subscribed to a channel that produces YouTube’s definition of “conspiracy content,” or if someone searches for specific content, they will still see related recommendations, the company wrote according to NBC News.  “It’s only the beginning of a more humane technology,” said Guillaume Chaslot, a former Google engineer, who helped to build the artificial intelligence used to curate recommended videos….


A more humane technology than what?   Lobotomies?   Torture?

This is the biggest problem with empathically stunted overachievers: they can’t imagine that there is a larger reality than the skinner box which is strapped to their heads.   It all seems so self-consistent and rational.   But it’s not complete.   See Godel’s theorem, brainiac.   Get some humility.

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