Glyphosate exposure linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma … and this deadly weed killer chemical inundates our food supply

(Natural News) Natural News has been warning for years that glyphosate – the primary ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most widely used weed killer – causes cancer. Though studies were published in peer-reviewed journals confirming this link, Monsanto was able to use its massive political clout and almost bottomless funds to tear these studies apart and have them refuted.

Slowly but surely, however, the tide has been turning. The first blow fell when the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced its findings that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic” (cancer-causing) in humans, particularly with regard to a type of cancer known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Though Monsanto’s friends in the mainstream media immediately tried to attack these findings, the scientists involved are simply too respected in their field to be ignored.

Next, the IARC findings opened the floodgates of litigation, and thousands of people who believe their health was harmed by exposure to glyphosate filed lawsuits against the agri giant. And then Dewayne Johnson won his case against Monsanto and was awarded millions in compensation.

Suddenly, with legal precedent set and the mainstream media no longer protecting Monsanto, scientific studies are once again being published confirming the dangerous link between glyphosate and cancer. One such study, published this month in the journal Mutation Research /Reviews in Mutation Research, found that high exposure to glyphosate is linked to an alarming 41 percent increase in the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)….

It’s also linked to epidemics of kidney disease in latin america and apparently in sri lanka, via its chelation effects on dietary toxic metals.   Water fluoridation has a similar “binary weapon” synergy with aluminum.

The current chronic kidney disease epidemic, the major health issue in the rice paddy farming areas in Sri Lanka has been the subject of many scientific and political debates over the last decade. Although there is no agreement among scientists about the etiology of the disease, a majority of them has concluded that this is a toxic nephropathy. None of the hypotheses put forward so far could explain coherently the totality of clinical, biochemical, histopathological findings, and the unique geographical distribution of the disease and its appearance in the mid-1990s. A strong association between the consumption of hard water and the occurrence of this special kidney disease has been observed, but the relationship has not been explained consistently. Here, we have hypothesized the association of using glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the disease endemic area and its unique metal chelating properties. The possible role played by glyphosate-metal complexes in this epidemic has not been given any serious consideration by investigators for the last two decades. Furthermore, it may explain similar kidney disease epidemics observed in Andra Pradesh (India) and Central America. Although glyphosate alone does not cause an epidemic of chronic kidney disease, it seems to have acquired the ability to destroy the renal tissues of thousands of farmers when it forms complexes with a localized geo environmental factor (hardness) and nephrotoxic metals.

Transnational Banking Cabal Continues Strangulation of Free Speech

(Natural News) For more than a year ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, the Left-wing Nazis who run the social media behemoths deplatformed one conservative, Right-leaning voice after another in what was obviously a concerted attempt to censor any and all dissent to Democratic candidates and their socialist policies.

Though financial institutions and online advertising firms came late to the censorship party, they eventually joined with the tech giants in deplatforming or downgrading powerful pro-liberty voices like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, as well as a number of influential right-leaning sites like The Western Journal, Natural News, The National Sentinel, and others.

While the 2018 midterms are behind us, they did usher in Democratic control of the House while Republican gains in the Senate were likely limited. Now, the censorship-and-deplatforming operations are beginning again as we head into the 2020 election cycle.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, another site that was censored by Twitter, Facebook, and others, Chase Bank, a major financial institution in the U.S., shuttered the account last week of a very vocal, pro-POTUS Donald Trump supporter and U.S. Army veteran Joe “Rambo” Biggs, which he announced via Twitter….

NN has an annoying habit of buying into the fake left/right thing, but politics is about resolving differences of opinion on how to further the general welfare.   The DS is about conquest through subversion, the antithesis of politics.   Dressing transnational organized crime groups in democrat or republican disguise is not conducive to understanding what the hell is going on.

Catherine Fitts says it is possible to find locally owned banks which are not networked into the central banking cabal.   Given the current monetary system, you could do worse.

Madsen: It’s Back to the Iran-Contra Days Under Trump

Showing that he is adopting the neoconservative playbook every day he remains in office, Donald Trump handed the neocons a major win when he appointed Iran-contra scandal felon Elliott Abrams as his special envoy on Venezuela. Abrams pleaded guilty in 1991 to two counts of withholding information on the secret sale of US weapons for cash to help illegally supply weapons to the Nicaraguan right-wing contras, who were battling against the government of President Daniel Ortega. Abrams would have headed to a federal prison, but President George H. W. Bush, an unindicted co-conspirator in the scandal, issued pardons to Abrams and his five fellow conspirators – former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, former National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane, and former Central Intelligence Agency officials Alan Fiers, Duane “Dewey” Clarridge, and Clair George – on Christmas Eve 1991, during the final weeks of Bush’s lame duck administration.

Abrams escaped being charged with more serious crimes by Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh because he cut a last-minute deal with federal prosecutors. Trump, who has made no secret of his disdain for cooperating federal witnesses, would have normally called Abrams a “rat,” a gangster term meaning informant. The man who helped engineer the pardons for Abrams and his five convicted friends was none other than Bush’s Attorney General, William Barr, who has just been sworn in as Trump’s Attorney General. Trump, who is always decrying the presence of the “deep state” that thwarts his very move, has become the chief guardian of that entity….

I have to continue to have hope in the Trump admin because some policy decisions have been antithetical the DS.   I don’t know what kind of horsetrading is going on behind the scenes but it’s clear that he’s surrounded by DS operatives.

If the choice is between Trump and the DNC/MSM/CIA/bankster complex there’s no choice at all.   Trump is our last hope.

Lack of sunshine causing alarming spike in health problems

(Natural News) A recent analysis of more than 100 studies finds that up to 70 percent of Americans are currently suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Data from the latest review also show that about 13 percent of all deaths in the U.S. can be associated with severe vitamin D deficiency. The researchers also stress that certain beneficial effects — such as the production of nitric oxide and other sun-related mediators — might be independent of vitamin D, and can only be obtained by exposing the skin to sunlight. Health risks associated with sunlight exposure can only be induced by sunburn or long-term exposure, the researchers added.

“The message of sun avoidance advocated by our government, and some within the medical community, should be changed immediately to a recommendation of regular non-burning sun exposure for most Americans. The sun is essential for life and should be diligently pursued in moderation, not avoided,” said study lead author Dr. David Hoel in an article published in

The researchers call on the federal government to require manufacturers of sunscreen lotions to put warning labels on their products, explaining that sunscreens may inhibit vitamin D production in the skin….

(Natural News) New research conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University finds that sunscreen ingredients are transformed into cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to chlorine in swimming pool water. In effect, sunscreen plus chlorinated swimming pool water is a kind of “binary weapon” that produces cancer-causing chemicals right on your skin as you are swimming.

The chemicals created in this process have been linked to infertility, cancer and immune system damage. As Natural News reports:

In swimming pools that use copper salts to make the water look blue, this reaction is even worse. In that case, the sunscreen can break down into bromoform, a substance that has been linked to nervous system disorders, liver problems, and kidney problems.

Yes but if people are outdoors getting sunshine they might meet other people and discover that they have more in common with their neighbors than with their TV.