Remarkable Double Talk on AGW Targets Russia (again)

Merkel claims ignorance of how so many western young people could be so motivated about global ups-and-downs unless there was a “hidden hand” involved.   That being of course, russia.

Has she looked at any western media in the past 20 years? Clearly the “hidden hand” is the usual one, the financial aristocracy which controls the major media and concocts real and fake crises for the purpose of social control.  In the case of AGW, the purpose is especially evil, considering that the proposed solutions will result in mass impoverishment, starvation and death.   The tactic of blaming russia for the effectiveness of their own propaganda will be useful for another solution to the same “problem” (people): global nuclear war.

The spontaneous social self organization involved here is the result of a “field” of engineered artificial stress  created by propaganda, much like the stress caused by the domineer’s control of the monetary system intensifies the drive to financial concentration and conflict in the broad economy.    The hand isn’t really so hidden after all.

Here’s a humorous analogy from physics.   All the flows lead around in circles, the hidden hand is everywhere perpendicular to both the flow and the force.    The plus peasants are forever warring with the minus peasants, never noticing their natural attraction.   Let’s hope they never start asking where electricity comes from.

The Real Enemy: YOU


Networks: 2,202 Minutes on Russia Scandal, Zero for No Collusion Report

(Natural News) It’s been two days since NBC’s exclusive reporting that the Senate Intelligence Committee has found no material evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and as of yet none of the three major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have given it even a single second of coverage in their evening newscasts. Considering these networks have given the Russia probe a massive 2,202 minutes of airtime, their silence on this major development is deafening.

(Article by Bill D’Agostino republished from

MRC analysts examining all coverage on ABC’s World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News, and the NBC Nightly News found that those 2,202 minutes spent on the Russia investigation accounted for nearly 19 percent of all Trump-related reporting between January 21, 2017 and February 10, 2019. However none of those three shows have even mentioned the investigation since NBC’s report came out on February 12.

The situation has been much the same on those networks’ flagship morning shows. Neither CBS This Morning nor NBC’s Today have even acknowledged this new information from Senate investigators since the news broke on February 12. ABC’s Good Morning America briefly touched on it in a news brief totaling less than one minute on February 13.

In that segment, ABC’s Mary Bruce focused only on the public disagreement between Republican Chairman Richard Burr and Democratic Ranking Member Mark Warner. She failed to acknowledge NBC’s reporting that other Democrats on the Committee had agreed with Burr’s finding that thus far, they had found no direct evidence of collusion…

Obviously the problem that the establishment has with Trump has nothing to do with russian collusion, and for some reason they don’t want us to know what it is.   Probably because most people would side with Trump if they knew.   Just a guess: it’s the NWO agenda.