Truthstream: Hive Mind

Did you know the “goal” to create a transhuman universal consciousness hive mind via technology was openly admitted in the late 1960s?

The release of Dr. Gerald Feinberg’s “The Prometheus Project” in 1969 conveniently overlapped MK Ultra and the push for Violence Project, Woodstock and the counter culture movement, the Vietnam war draft, and so many social changes… It was also the same year that Dr. Jose Delgado’s “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society” was published. None of this is a coincidence.

And they even tried to promote it as “something new under the sun,” too.

Wikileaks: Mexican Drug Kingpin, El Chapo, Donated 15M to Clinton Foundation

The lack of specificity in this article is frustrating.   Which conference?  Where?   The last copy of this site on is from 2/15/2017.    Not sure what to  make of it but I’ll see what else I can find.

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Julian Assange launched an attack on the integrity of the Clinton Foundation with the latest intelligence report that says the organization had ties with Mexican drug cartel leader, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

Guzman, widely known as ‘El Chapo’, has an estimated net worth of $2 billion USD. He is currently incarcerated in a high-security Mexican prison and is in the process of being extradited to the United States.

Speaking at a conference over the weekend, the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks stated the report was “yet another blow to the questionable integrity of the Clinton Foundation.”

A report from intelligence officials found with “high confidence” that $320M Mexican Pesos (approximately $15M USD) was transferred from Guzman’s offshore shell assets in Saudi Arabia and Ukraine to Hillary Clinton’s private account in the Cayman Islands. This was then redirected to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation press relations declined to comment.

Couples who cook together stay together

Given the centuries-long war of the state against the human family, maintaining a loving relationship is a revolutionary act.   Here is a practical, powerful and fun way to keep it together.

Fast food is so destructive on so many levels (psychologically, physically, socially, economically) it has become a foundation of the spontaneously self-organized satanic order.    The drive to centralization is a consequence of the the drive to adapt which is inherent in every human being.

(Natural News) If you’re in a relationship, you might have already discovered that dividing chores as evenly as possible can go a long way toward avoiding arguments. In fact, one study found that couples who divide chores in an egalitarian way enjoy a better sex life than those couples in which one partner does significantly more housework than the other. However, there is one chore that you might actually want to share with your partner if you’d like your relationship to last, and that is cooking.

In a survey of more than 1,000 American adults carried out by Light Speed GMI, 87 percent of respondents said that cooking was one of the most important activities for couples to do together to make their relationship stronger.

There are lots of ways that cooking can help couples bond, so get your aprons ready! A remarkable 98 percent of Americans consider communication to be an essential part of a happy marriage, and cooking together is a terrific way to encourage communication, whether you’re pouring over a cookbook together, over a glass of red wine, while deciding what to make for dinner, or simply chatting about your day as you chop up some organic vegetables to make that new ginger chicken recipe….

Humor: Madeleine Albright Warns about Fascism

… When you use the term “fascism,” what exactly do you mean?

Madeleine Albright

Well, first of all, I’m troubled by how thoughtlessly people throw around that term. At this point, anybody who disagrees with us is a fascist.

In the book, I try to argue that fascism is not an ideology; it’s a process for taking and holding power. A fascist is somebody who identifies with one group — usually an aggrieved majority — in opposition to a smaller group. It’s about majority rule without any minority rights. Which is why fascists tend to single out the smaller group as being responsible for or the cause of their grievances.

The important thing is that fascists aren’t actually trying to solve problems; they’re invested in exacerbating problems and deepening the divisions that result from them. They reject the free press and denounce the institutional structures within a society — like Congress or the judiciary.

I’d also add that violence is a crucial element of fascism. Whatever else it is, fascism involves the endorsement and use of violence to achieve political goals and stay in power. It’s a bully with an army, really….

I would think that murdering 500,000 iraqi children in the process of reining in a CIA asset who was veering out of control might qualify under this definition.

Saddam started out as a CIA assassin:

He was lured into invading kuwait (as retaliation for kuwaiti pumping of oil which was within iraqi territory) by the US ambassador’s promise of US non-interference.

I don’t know of any evidence that kuwait’s theft of iraqi oil was encouraged by the US for just this purpose, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  The first gulf war did provide a handy pretext for a permanent “police presence” in the region which was later utilized with the carefully orchestrated WMD hoax to provide a pretext for invasion and occupation.

When you consider that it was part of a grand strategy to maintain the petrodollar for a few more years, you can see how she might think it was worth it, to her.

Of course none of this would be possible without our ace reporters on the ground, or on the roof of CNN anyway.

This is CNN, and CBS and NBC and ABC and MSNBC and NYT and the Brainwashington Compost and the entire US MSM

If you watch the MSM you are begging to be lied to.   How could it be otherwise?   The genocidal status quo is perpetuated by deception, and the media corporations are deeply embedded in every financial aspect of the status quo, from privileged insider access to “anonymous sources” to dependency on advertisers to direct ownership and cross-ownership of  non-media corporations.   They aren’t about to disrupt their business model.

From a financial networking/self-organizing perspective, this was inevitable.

Rob Reiner’s “Shock And Awe”: What Soros Doesn’t Want You to See

Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

The war on truth has reached a fever pitch as Google has made it their mission to annihilate the independent media. The ‘New Media’ lead by the likes of Infowars, Breitbart, Natural News and many other great independent sites will have an uphill battle when it comes to getting their content in front of readers. Google has announced they will be doubling down on their ‘Orwellian’ practice of making stories disappear from their monopolistic search engine. Outlined in their Gestapo like 160-page handbook, Google describes exactly how they plan to suppress any information they deem unfit for readers….

US Venezuela envoy Elliott Abrams confronted by RT America correspondent over past war crimes

Intercepted by RT America correspondent Dan Cohen while leaving a conference in DC, US envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams did not seem in the mood to discuss his criminal convictions or Iran-Contra weapons shipments.

Cohen confronted Abrams, recently appointed point man for the US effort to oust the elected government in Caracas, as he exited a conference on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela hosted by the Organization for American States (OAS) in Washington, DC. The former Reagan official, who played a key role in securing US support for death squads in Central America during the 1980s, was not in the mood to chat about his past exploits, however.

“What do you say to people who are skeptical about you because of your history of using humanitarian aid to send weapons to contras in Central America? Do you have any comment about that?” Cohen asked Abrams as he walked out the conference with a female colleague.

How the US Coup in Venezuela Is Taking Root in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, which provided subsidized crude oil prices to meet the countries critical energy demands.  The Petrocaribe oil agreement, allowed for governments to pay only 60 percent of the oil shipments they purchase from Venezuela. The remaining 40 percent could be financed over 25 years at 1 percent interest, as long as oil prices stayed above $40 per barrel. This allowed for tremendous savings, and money that (according to the agreement) was supposed to be used for socially beneficial purposes.

Countries such as Nicaragua, Jamaica, Cuba, and many islands in the eastern Caribbean have successfully utilized Petrocaribe funds and other Venezuelan support mechanisms, investing in vital infrastructure, education, healthcare, and have used the funding to avoid austerity deals with the IMF and other international financial institutions.  Corrupt politicians in Hispaniola, though, whose regimes are closely aligned with Washington, have by contrast become well-known for robbing many of the funds meant for the social needs of their population.

For this reason, the date of January 10, 2019, will go down in the historical memory of the Dominican and Haitian peoples, as an ignominious reminder of the historically aberrant role of the Organization of American States (OAS), when that body was used as a front by neo-conservative policymakers in Washington.  It was on that date that the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic voted to no longer recognize Venezuela’s legitimately elected president….

US Air Freight Company that Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked to CIA “Black Site” Renditions

Two executives at the company that chartered the U.S. plane that was caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela last week have been tied to an air cargo company that aided the CIA in the rendition of alleged terrorists to “black site” centers for interrogation. The troubling revelation comes as Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected a U.S. “humanitarian aid” convoy over concerns that it could contain weapons meant to arm the country’s U.S.-backed opposition.

Last Tuesday, Venezuelan authorities announced that 19 rifles, 118 ammo magazines, 90 radios and six iPhones had been smuggled into the country via a U.S. plane that had originated in Miami. The authorities blamed the United States government for the illicit cargo, accusing it of seeking to arm U.S.-funded opposition groups in the country in order to topple the current Maduro-led government.

subsequent investigation into the plane responsible for the weapons caché conducted by McClatchyDC received very little media attention despite the fact that it uncovered information clearly showing that the plane responsible for the shipment had been making an unusually high number of trips to Venezuela and neighboring Colombia over the past few weeks….