The top 10 immune system KILLERS of all time

How to take the zillions of years of adaptive evolution encoded in the human body for granted and “push the envelope” of what constitutes food and nutrition.   It’s all for scyence.   Don’t blaspheme the holy religion of blind trust in profit-driven corporate scyence.


Western food and medicine are not what they used to be. Our staple crops have been bastardized, adulterated, genetically mutated, and sprayed with toxins that kill everything but the plant, and that’s mainly because the plants contain the same toxins now, thanks to biotechnology firms screwing with Mother Nature.

Then there’s petroleum-based food colorings, synthetic flavorings, artificial sweeteners, bleached-white food, toxin-loaded gluten (that stops you up for days), microwaveable meals, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and the list just goes on forever.

Our mainstream medicine has gone from bad to worse, with most prescription drugs laced with deadly, addictive heroin (think opiates) or chemicals that cause side effects that are worse than the condition being “managed.”

Most people just eat and drink “whatever” and then rush to the M.D. for some painkillers, blood thinners, cholesterol-reducing meds, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, flu shots, vaccines, and surgery, hoping to stave off the inevitable – which is, ironically, preventable diseases and disorders. Wow.

The worst part is that most of what people think helps their health totally wipes out their immune system, bringing on other sicknesses, and enabling pathogens, parasites, bacteria, and viruses to drag their health down into the gutter, sometimes for good. So here we go, with the top 10 immune system killers of all time….

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