The Shale Oil Devolution Actually Reflects a Nation in Decline

… America’s energy policy blunders are nowhere more obvious than in the shale oil space, where it’s finally dawning on folks that these wells are going to produce a lot less than advertised.

Vindicating our own reports — which drew from the excellent work of Art Berman, David Hughes and Enno Peters’ excellent website — the WSJ finally ran the numbers and discovered that shale wells are not producing nearly as much oil as the operators had claimed they were going to produce:

Fracking’s Secret Problem—Oil Wells Aren’t Producing as Much as Forecast

Jan 2, 2019

Thousands of shale wells drilled in the last five years are pumping less oil and gas than their owners forecast to investors, raising questions about the strength and profitability of the fracking boom that turned the U.S. into an oil superpower.


The main conclusion of this analysis is that US shale producers have overstated their well output by 10% collectively. And as much as 50% for certain individual companies.

These numbers are easy to collect and analyze. While it’s a great thing to finally have the WSJ show up here, many years later than the independent analysts cited above, they still didn’t get close to the actual truth.

In actuality, the shale plays are going to produce roughly half of what is currently claimed by shale operators.  Instead of a -10% collective hit to production, we should be ready for something closer to -50%.

Not only does that “raise questions” about the role of the U.S. as an oil superpower, it ought to raise alarm bells about its entire energy strategy. …

The impact on our groundwater is depressingly obvious.   What’s next, devouring our young?   Oh yeah, that’s already happening.

Needless to say the same fake government which transformed the promise of the end of the cold war into a license to pillage the planet and squander our future on delusions of empire, will react to this wakeup call by intensifying its war on humanity through military confrontation in oil-rich regions, including russia.   This is a socioeconomic system of mutually-reinforcing delusions and money flows with a life of its own.   It will not stop until we stop feeding it, starting by protecting our kids by sheltering them in the still undigested fraction of our wounded family and community structures.

We have to starve this emergent parasite or it will be the end of everything.

Fracking Bastards Intend to Destroy US Aquifers to Isolate Russia

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